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Singles' Day 2022: Surprising benefits of being single

Nov 10, 2022 02:32 PM IST

Single life can be self-actualizing and enjoyable if you learn to embrace it. Check out some surprising benefits of being single.

Singles' Day is celebrated every year on November 11th to celebrate and embrace the life of single people. Being single can make you weary, especially when you see happy couples all around. But single life can be self-actualizing and enjoyable if you learn to embrace it. People frequently ignore the many benefits of being single when they need to be embracing and appreciating it. When you are not legally obligated to another person, you are free to learn, develop, and explore without feeling guilty about taking care of yourself. New research published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science suggests that people view single life as an opportunity to focus on self-development. Having more time to oneself is the top reported benefit of being single, research, finds. (Also read: What is Singles' Day? Date, history, significance of the day )

Singles' Day 2022: Surprising benefits of being single (pexels)
Singles' Day 2022: Surprising benefits of being single (pexels)

In an Interview with HT Lifestyle, Mahima Sahi, Chief Psychologist, heyy, says, "Singledom is a privilege- said no one ever! But believe it or not, singlehood is healthy for one's ‘mental health’ unlike the usual theory of it being associated with ‘loneliness’. The changing Indian scenario where more than 50% of individuals prefer being single actually reinforces this fact. It’s also scientifically proven that single people have a higher sense of ‘self-sufficiency’ compared to committed individuals. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say singlehood prevents one from “only feeling worthy when someone approves of you”.

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As a single person, you always have better scope to maintain your ‘individual identity’ without letting it get coloured with your partner’s choices. Additionally, the common concerns of committed people like insecurity, a lack of space and having to let go of your own personal goals and ambitions for your partner, are non-existent for singles. "

She further says, " My own theory behind a ‘healthier mental state’ of single individuals when compared to committed individuals is that single people have the liberty to remain ‘single at heart. Singledom at heart is cardinal to remain ‘healthy’ and savour happiness and joy. Even though commitment has its own benefits, it also has a strong potential to take away that sense of ‘independence’ and ‘security’ from an individual. So singles benefit from having the opportunity to take their own ‘decisions’, make their own ‘choices’, and spend time doing activities that give them ‘satisfaction’ and that they actually find ‘meaning’ in, ultimately resulting in a healthier state of body and mind. These are some often forgotten pleasures of solitude."

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