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7 lesser-known benefits of coconut water

ByParmita Uniyal
Aug 27, 2021 01:05 PM IST

Packed with easily digestible carbs in the form of sugar and electrolytes, coconut water offers innumerable benefits for your skin, heart, hair, blood pressure, and digestion.

Natural and refreshing, coconut water is becoming a preferable choice for health-conscious people in India and around the world. Packed with easily digestible carbs in the form of sugar and electrolytes, it offers innumerable benefits for your skin, heart, hair, blood pressure, and digestion. In fact, studies suggest that it could easily replace your regular sports drink being healthier, low on calories, high on potassium, less sodium and high on electrolytes.

Coconut water(Pixabay)
Coconut water(Pixabay)

"Coconut water is a delicious, nutritious, refreshing and a natural beverage that’s extremely good for your health. It is a good alternative beverage in place of soda or carbonated drinks. It is an excellent source of vitamins (A, C) and minerals (Ca, K, Mg, Mn)," says Dietitian Garima Goyal.

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With no added sugar or preservatives, many people are opting for coconut water on a daily basis being a delicious source of hydration and immense health benefits.

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Coconut water composition (200ml) as per Dietician Garima Goyal

Carbohydrates: 9g

Fiber: 1.5g

Fat: 0.32g

Protein: 0.45 grams

Vitamin C: 10% of the RDI (recommended daily intake)

Magnesium: 15% of the RDI

Manganese: 17% of the RDI

Potassium: 17% of the RDI

Sodium: 11% of the RDI

Calcium: 6% of the RDI

Coconut water(Pixabay)
Coconut water(Pixabay)


Benefits of consuming coconut water

Goyal also elaborates on benefits of coconut water:

1. Helps maintain natural glow of skin

Coconut is known to have cytokines in it which is a well-known anti-ageing agent. Besides this, it also hydrates your skin to make it radiant and firm. Coconut water also reduces wrinkles and fine lines and helps to maintain skin's hydration and elasticity. Drinking coconut water daily not only nourishes your body with vital nutrients but also keeps diseases at bay. It works like a charm against acne and other skin problems.

2. A tonic for hair

If you are troubled with hair loss, it's probably a good idea to consume coconut water to promote cell growth as it keeps hair strong by stimulating the scalp. It improves blood circulation and combined with its many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, coconut water works to fortify strands and helps your locks grow even thicker.

3. Improves digestion

Coconut water is naturally refreshing and reduces the amount of sodium present in our bodies that is responsible for bloating and gas. Being high on fibre, it also gives our digestive system a boost.

4. Prevents dehydration

Apart from helping with digestion, coconut water is also one of the best cures for dehydration and hangovers. It replenishes the lost nutrients in your body, thus making sure it functions properly.

5. Strengthens bones

Coconut water helps to build bone strength and density and is thus great to prevent the early onset of diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, osteopenia, etc.

6. Prevents acidity

Coconut water balances the pH levels in your body and also helps with acidity and heartburn.

7. Lowers blood pressure

Consumption of coconut water prevents the formation of blood clots in the body, and helps control the cholesterol levels. Include this all-purpose drink in your diet to lower blood pressure, hypertension, and cholesterol.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any illness. Consult your doctor/hospital or an expert for any health issues.

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