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8 things to avoid doing if you struggle with Depression

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Feb 18, 2024 12:19 PM IST

From staying indoors to chaotic sleep patterns, here are eight things to avoid doing to stop ourselves from spiraling.

Depression is a mood disorder where a person feels persistent sense of sadness and loss of interest. The symptoms of Depression are fatigue, sense of worthlessness, hopelessness, loss of energy, difficulty in thinking or making decisions and thoughts of death or suicide. "Chances are if you have anxiety then you’ve struggled with depression at some point in your life too. They are very much connected," wrote Therapist Alison Seponara. "While I know it’s not that simple to break free of depression, here are some reminders of things not to do when you’re spiraling," the expert added as she noted down the things that we must avoid when we are struggling with Depression.

8 things to avoid doing if you struggle with Depression(Unsplash)
8 things to avoid doing if you struggle with Depression(Unsplash)

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8 things that we should avoid when we are spiraling:

Ignoring our issues: No matter how insignificant we may feel and the emotions that we may experience, we should, at no cost, turn away from those issues and leave them unattended. We should sit with our issues and delve deeper.

Chaotic sleep patterns: Healthy sleep routine is very important to keep the nervous system relaxed and calm. We should not stay in bed too late or let our sleep patterns become chaotic.

Locking ourselves indoors: We should push ourselves to go out of the house and walk in nature. That can help us to take our minds away from spiraling. Staying locked inside can make us feel worse.

Fixating on depressing news: The media can depress us with news of terrible things happening across the world. We should try to stay away from such news as much as possible.

Don't escape: We should not try to escape from our feelings with the help of social media or video games. Instead, we need to learn to sit with our feelings and address them in a healthy manner.

Feeling guilty: We should never feel guilty about our Depression. We should, instead, try to find ways to address our emotions and make ourselves feel better.

Comparisons: Comparing ourselves with others is an unhealthy way of looking at life. We should remember that everyone has their own journeys, and we need to focus on ours.

Seeking support: We should seek the help of people we feel safe around – friends and families. We can also seek medical help when things feel out of control.

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