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BTS Jungkook birthday special: Golden maknae's fitness routine decoded, from workout to diet tips

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Sep 01, 2023 02:28 PM IST

Happy birthday BTS Jungkook: 5 health tips by the golden maknae, from workout to diet, to inspire BTS ARMY and fitness enthusiasts | Viral videos, pictures here

Remember the last time South Korean boy band BTS or Bangtan Boys' youngest member and vocalist, Jeon Jungkook, was out-of-shape? Yup, we neither and though BTS Army can't stop drooling over the bare back picture Park Jimin shared on Instagram to wish the golden maknae a ‘happy birthday JK’, it seems like we have always seen the K-pop star in his chiseled physique and rock-solid abs. Born on September 1, 1997, in South Korea's Busan, Jungkook celebrates his 26th birthday this Friday and as the Internet floods with his pictures and videos, we couldn't help but round up the health advices that the Calvin Klein ambassador has been sharing with his fans over LIVEs and interviews.

BTS Jungkook birthday special: Golden maknae's fitness routine decoded, from workout to diet tips (Photo by Twitter/KnjMyLife)
BTS Jungkook birthday special: Golden maknae's fitness routine decoded, from workout to diet tips (Photo by Twitter/KnjMyLife)

For the people who do not follow Jungkook (what are you doing with your lives?), his desired level of fitness stems from his consistency in workouts, combined with a balanced diet, the absence of cheat meals and commitment to a healthy lifestyle that helps him maintain his sultry physique. Earlier this year on Weverse, Jungkook talked about things he always does before going to bed and hoped that it would benefit the BTS ARMY whom he never fails to win over.

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Sharing his secret to a good sleep, he said, “When you stray from your cycle, like if you sleep in the morning or late at night, you wouldn't be sleepy at night if you woke up late. Then, the next day even if I'm a bit sleepy I try to stay awake till the night. I try to stay awake until I pass out at night. I usually have my room at the ideal temperature. I can't sleep if it's too hot or too cold.”

When talking about the nap style, the fitness enthusiast recommended, "Don't sleep right after eating. It's really bad for your stomach. Relax for a moment and slowly fall asleep. Given a choice between basic stretching and intense ab crunches, Jungkook suggested basic stretching workout before bed.

During a VLive last year in June, an ARMY asked, “Oppa, How can I lose weight?” Quick to encourage her with his daily exercise routine, Jungkook replied, “When you wake up, do 100 squats, then immediately move into 30 repeats of an ab workout, then lunges, 2 sets x 20 lunges, 1 minute plank, 1 minute on each left and right side and 15x burp test. It’s easy to lose weight, right?”

In another interview with Weverse in May 2022, Jungkook wished that ARMY can take care of themselves during their downtime and advised, “I hope everyone stays healthy. Some will go outdoors on the weekend, while others choose to stay in. If you are not active enough, you will feel tried and sluggish. So, you should eat healthy, maybe have a salad two or three times a week and I’m sure everyone will be in tip top shape! ARMY forever, BTS forever!”

When BTS performed on Waktu Indonesia Belanja for Tokopedia in 2020, fans couldn’t help noticing Jungkook's physique and were thankful for the interview host who host asked Kookie the secret to getting such a strong body. Jungkook had answered, “I do have equipment but I prefer to exercise with my own body weight. I think it’s important to do it consistently whenever you have time. I think you can maintain a good body just by doing pushups, situps and squats.”

Jungkook loves health and fitness and hopes that his fans can do the same. His approach to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, including mental health awareness, is really inspiring so, whether you stan BTS or are simply looking for Friday fitness inspiration, here are the signs to roll out your workout mats and hit the grind today!

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