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How to manage anger in children with autism through therapy? Expert reveals effective tools

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
May 16, 2024 01:21 PM IST

Children with autism often face significant hurdles in navigating social interactions and experience anger and emotional dysregulation. Here's how to manage

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the specific challenges it presents, particularly in terms of social and emotional development as children with ASD often face significant hurdles when it comes to navigating social interactions and it is not uncommon for them to experience anger and emotional dysregulation. These challenges can stem from communication barriers, sensory sensitivities and difficulties in understanding and expressing emotions.

How to manage anger in children with autism through therapy? Expert reveals effective tools (Image by Freepik)
How to manage anger in children with autism through therapy? Expert reveals effective tools (Image by Freepik)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Gaurish Kenkre, General Manager and Center Head at Atharv Ability in Mumbai, shared, “Families seeking to enhance their children's social skills and emotional control are finding hope and support in new therapies and methods. Several therapeutic approaches are proving to be effective in helping children with ASD manage anger effectively. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), for example, has shown promise in assisting children with ASD in identifying and regulating their emotions. By teaching coping strategies, relaxation techniques and problem-solving skills, CBT equips children with the tools they need to manage their emotions and respond to situations in a more adaptive manner.”

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He further suggested -

  1. The STAMP (Stop, Think, Act, Manage, Problem-Solve) program, an evidence-based intervention tailored specifically for children with ASD, has been successful in nurturing emotional regulation and anger management skills. Rooted in cognitive-behavioral principles, this program focuses on teaching children a series of steps to navigate their emotions and respond constructively to challenging situations.
  2. Additionally, sensory integration therapy targets sensory sensitivities that may contribute to emotional outbursts in children with ASD. This therapy provides controlled and structured sensory experiences to help children regulate their sensory responses and reduce distress.
  3. Innovative methods such as aquatic therapy and robotic neurorehabilitation are demonstrating tremendous potential in enhancing social skills and managing anger in children with ASD. Aquatic therapy, for instance, offers a sensory-rich and calming environment that promotes relaxation, physical activity, and social interaction. On the other hand, robotic neurorehabilitation provides personalized and interactive interventions tailored to the individual needs of children with ASD, aiding in skill development and emotional learning.

Dr Gaurish Kenkre concluded, “These new approaches can be used individually or in combination to assist children with ASD in effectively managing their anger and regulating their emotions. It is crucial to prioritize widespread access and support for these innovative approaches to address the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.”

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