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International Yoga Day 2022: Can CBD enhance your Yoga experience? Here's what experts say

Jun 21, 2022 07:16 AM IST

Experts say that CBD-based products could help ease Yoga experience for those who have chronic pain and mobility issues.

International Yoga Day 2022: One of the latest Yoga trends that is gaining popularity in many parts of the world is CBD (cannabidiol) Yoga. From enhancing the Yoga experience, relieving body pain, stress and anxiety, experts say the application of CBD-based products could also help those who have chronic pain and mobility issues. It is also said to relax the mind which helps one reap more benefits of the ancient practice. (Also read: International Yoga Day special: Purpose of Yoga is to reconstruct our lives fully, says Himalayan Siddha Akshar)

Are CBD and Yoga the right match?(Shutterstock)
Are CBD and Yoga the right match?(Shutterstock)

"Apart from the fact that both Yoga and cannabis wellness have their roots in the Indian culture and heritage, one more thing that's common is that both of them can play an instrumental role in establishing a robust connection between mind and body. The very purpose of Yoga practice according to me is to enable awareness, strength and harmony of our mind and body. Furthermore, in today's day and age, CBD or medical cannabis' consumption alongside regular Yoga practice can play a significant role in complementing each other and paving the way for the holistic well-being of individuals and helping people lead a better, healthier and stronger lifestyle," says Yoga expert Vinod Sharma.

Richa Jaggi, Co-Founder, Awshad, a cannabis wellness startup, says Yoga is primarily therapeutic for the body and instrumental in establishing a mind-body connect while CBD has proven clinical/medicinal values and that it interacts seamlessly with the body’s endocannabinoid system and neurotransmitters.

"CBD and Yoga beautifully go along together and can complement each other to enhance the combined experience for anyone. CBD-based wellness products act as a mental relaxant, pain reliever and holistic healer, thereby paving a rock-solid foundation for enabling both mental and physical wellness for individuals," says Jaggi.

How CBD eases Yoga experience for people with chronic pain

Richa Jaggi says CBD and yoga can complement each other very well when it comes to well-being.

"While Yoga is undoubtedly a great practice for the longer run, it cannot be a “fits-all” and “immediate” solution to cater to the wellness needs of many. For instance, amongst the people with chronic pain and mobility issues, doing yoga daily and properly could become very difficult and it may take a lot of time for them to reap the benefits and advantages of Yoga. CBD can be a great help to such people to actually overcome their pain and physical issues to empower them to able to continue with Yoga practice regularly," says Jaggi.

Benefits of CBD for overall wellness

- CBD reacts with certain receptors in our body in order to help improve the quality of sleep and help people to deal with insomnia.

- CBD also has great anti-inflammatory properties which in turn help people to improve their gut health, immunity, and manage pain.

- CBD offers strong anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties. And by making CBD a part of your daily life for the longer term, you shall notice an overall sense of well-being, a calmer and more relaxed mind.

How to use CBD oil while practicing Yoga

Jaggi says there is no one right answer to how CBD oil be best used along with Yoga, as it depends from person to person. She, however, says it is strongly recommended to take a few drops of CBD oil before stepping onto your Yoga mat, as it shall definitely help you enter the right mindset to practice and meditate. She adds that CBD oil consumption after doing your daily Yoga practice can help in healing the sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

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