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Overweight or have joint issues? Try deep water running to lose weight

ByParmita Uniyal
Sep 08, 2021 04:28 PM IST

Aqua running or deep water running could provide benefits similar to running and if you get used to it, you may even start enjoying it.

Apart from the incredible health benefits it offers, running fills your heart with joy and a feeling of liberation. We leave behind our everyday stress with each step forward even as we get closer to a fitter version of self. Studies have proven how running helps to improve our cardiovascular health, increases immunity, enhances endurance and muscle strength. There are also researches that show how running can actually boost our mental health and serve as an antidepressant.

Deep water running can help you burn calories(YouTube)
Deep water running can help you burn calories(YouTube)

What comes naturally to us right from childhood starts evading us with time as we gain weight, develop health issues, and lose touch with the runner in us. As much as we want to get into our running shoes and speed ahead, sometimes obesity, overweight, join issues, or injuries, come in our way and we may find it difficult to run or even enjoy a jog.

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Don't lose heart if running is what you really desire and want to reap the health benefits of it or lose weight. There is something called deep water running or Aqua running that could provide similar benefits to running and if you get used to it, you may even start enjoying it.

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What is deep water running

Deep water running is basically done in a pool deep enough to not let your legs touch the bottom of the pool. A floatation vest or belt is generally used to keep you afloat as you run slowly in the water. A treadmill can also be used. This is an excellent way to get benefits of running even with an injury or a joint issue as it allows you to utilize the same range of muscles. This kind of running can in fact help you burn more calories without any undue stress on your joints. 

Dr Pooja Kamble, PT Senior Women’s Health Care Physiotherapist at Aqua Centric Therapy Pvt Ltd. talks about the benefits of the Aqua running therapy:

Benefits of Aqua running or deep water running

Weight loss: While the number of calories burnt may vary from person to person, statistics show that one can burn potentially more than 11 calories each minute with aqua running, compared to running on land which is approximately 8 calories a minute.

Safe for obese or overweight people: It provides a safe environment for heavy individuals who want to start with their weight loss journey.

It puts less stress on joints and people with these issues can safely practice deep water running.

It provides cross training with the combination of good cardio and resistance workout.

Studies have shown significant benefits on the lean body mass that increases with this form of exercise, particularly in the legs and the upper body.

It also aids in recovery faster after an injury. 

It may be a good alternative to running outside on extremely hot and humid days and a way to ease exercise boredom from regular routine workout.

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