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Protection tips against Asthma and ways to keep symptoms at bay

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Feb 17, 2024 10:23 AM IST

As winter ends, here are essential tips for managing Asthma and ways to protect your kids against the symptoms amid cold weather transition

It is that time of the year again when we enjoy the last of winter wonders as much as possible along with our kids but sometimes are not able to, because of runny noses, bad coughs and breathing problems amid weather change. Many children are sensitive to winter weather transition and allergic symptoms tend to worsen hence, respiratory problems are not uncommon during this period.

Protection tips against Asthma and ways to keep symptoms at bay (Photo by gettyimages)
Protection tips against Asthma and ways to keep symptoms at bay (Photo by gettyimages)

This is especially relevant for children with Asthma. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Vishrut Joshi, Consultant Pediatric Intensivist (ICU specialist for children) at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children in Pune, shared, “The winter air, being cold and dry, irritates the airways of children with asthma, making them go into spasms and become narrow, resulting in coughing and breathing difficulty.”

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Dr Vishrut Joshi said, “The good news is that there are some precautions we can take to make this period smooth and enjoyable. These include limiting outdoor exertion, especially in the cooler morning hours. Try and choose warmer hours of the day with appropriate clothing for enjoying the outdoors! Some of us use heating systems to stay warm during these months. Apart from making the air dry, these heating systems might contain dust and mold spores from being unused for most of the year.”

He advised, “Thorough cleaning and filter change are essential before using them. Also, for troublesome dry air, humidifiers can be used to make warm air moist and soothing. Avoiding smoke, regular vacuum cleaning, and hot water washing of bedding and curtains are other essential steps to keep dust and mold in check. Sensitive airways are also prone to respiratory infections, hence staying up-to-date on vaccination including Flu and Covid vaccines as appropriate for age are highly recommended steps! Hand hygiene and the use of face masks are of utmost importance in preventing seasonal viral respiratory infections. It is necessary to avoid contact with those with active respiratory infections.”

Dr Vishrut Joshi recommended, “A healthy diet and adequate hydration are as vital as preventive measures to combat the possibility of exaggeration of Asthma symptoms. Last but not least, keep in regular touch with your pediatrician, educate yourself about early warning symptoms, get an Asthma action plan for your child, and be aware of nearby medical facilities if you are planning to travel with kids to make the most out of the last of winters!”

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