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Signs of mom anxiety; tips to heal

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Oct 13, 2023 08:07 PM IST

From overthinking to having sleepless nights, here are a few signs of mom anxiety to watch out for.

Mom anxiety is common in mothers who have just entered motherhood. Taking care of the baby besides managing everything else can rob the mother of embracing the joy of motherhood. "If you’re missing out on the joys of motherhood because of all that anxiety, you’re not alone. It’s so hard to relax and enjoy anything when anxiety is present," wrote Therapist Carrie Howard. The expert shared that in order to get over mom anxiety, the mothers should focus on taking care of themselves and their emotional and mental health. Carrie Howard further noted down a few signs of mom anxiety. Take a look.

Signs of mom anxiety; tips to heal(Unsplash)
Signs of mom anxiety; tips to heal(Unsplash)

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Overthinking: Are you constantly overanalysing every parental decision that you have made about your child? Then, it is possible that you are suffering from mom anxiety. Overthinking and overanalysing are parts of mom anxiety where a mother is constantly worries about everything related to the child.

Physical symptoms: The mother is so absorbed in thinking about the child that anxiety can show up as physical symptoms. A racing heart, restlessness and an upset stomach are some of the physical symptoms of mom anxiety.

Helicopter parenting: Often mom anxiety makes the parent hover around them constantly and make decisions for them even if that is not age appropriate. Constant scrutiny of every move made by the child by the mother can become unhealthy.

Sleepless nights: Sleeplessness due to anxiety is a classic mom anxiety symptom – in this case, a mother has trouble falling asleep at night because of the constant tension of the child.

How to heal from mom anxiety? The Therapist shared a few tips:

Self-care: Taking some time away from parenting and focusing only on oneself can help in recharging the batteries and get back to parenting with a fresh perspective.

Breathe: deep breathing and practicing mindfulness can help in becoming calmer and combating mom anxiety with logic and reasoning.

Seek professional help: when nothing seems to work out, the parent should seek professional help to guide them through the journey of healing.

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