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Signs that you are running on stress hormone

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Jan 04, 2024 04:09 PM IST

From sleep disturbances to weakened immune system, here are a few signs that we are running on high levels of Cortisol.

Often, we run on stress and anxiety. We may have a difficult time understanding and comprehending the same, but we can be driven by the stress hormone. When we are too stressed or anxious about something, the stress hormone – Cortisol – is produced. This can make us feel more stressed, leading to muscle tension and cardiovascular issues. Psychologist Caroline Middelsdorf addressed this and noted down the signs that we need to be aware of to know if we are running on the stress hormone.

Signs that you are running on stress hormone(Unsplash)
Signs that you are running on stress hormone(Unsplash)

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Sleep disturbances: We have a hard time falling asleep at times, and the quality of sleep is not adequate for recharging the body and mind throughout the day.

Weight fluctuations: In spite of keeping a healthy diet and workout routine, we have a difficult time managing weight. The weight of the body keeps fluctuating.

Weakened immune system: We tend to fall sick very easily because our immune system is weak, and the body does not have strength to fight illnesses.

Digestive issues: From bloating to improper digestion, we face several digestive issues even when we are having easily digested food items.

Cognitive impairment: From having difficulty in focusing on things at hand to putting our undivided attention, we suffer from cognitive impairment.

Mood problems: From facing anxiety issues to extreme mood swings, high Cortisol levels can impact our daily mood and make our reactions worse.

Here are a few ways to lower our Cortisol levels:

Morning exercise: When we incorporate a morning workout routine in our daily lifestyle, we set the tone of the day in the morning and that helps in looking forward to the rest of the day.

Sunlight exposure: We should expose our eyes and body to morning sunlight – this helps in fixing the sleep-wake cycle of the body and getting better quality sleep at night.

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