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Summer workout rules: 10 mistakes to avoid while sweating it out in hot weather

By, New Delhi
Jun 03, 2023 12:09 PM IST

When it comes to losing kilos in summer, extreme workouts should be kept at bay and right foods must be added to the diet.

Extreme temperatures in both summer and winter can interfere with our daily exercise routine and many people tend to go slow on workouts when the mercury climbs up too high or low. The spring time is over in India and merciless summer is making it difficult for people to exercise outdoors or head to gyms. Workout routine in summer must be planned with care to prevent heat stroke and other summer ailments. It is also pertinent to take care of the electrolyte balance when the temperatures are high. Early mornings and late evenings must be utilised for exercising and instead of going overboard on energy drinks, one must opt for natural drinks like coconut water, lemonades and other hydrating drinks. (Also read: Swimming vs cycling; which is a better workout for weight loss)

Workout routine in summer must be planned with care to prevent heat stroke and other summer ailments.(Pixabay)
Workout routine in summer must be planned with care to prevent heat stroke and other summer ailments.(Pixabay)

"Summer months are difficult to bear as the heat gets to everyone. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause dehydration or even a heat stroke. It is common to feel lethargic when you have to work out daily in the sweltering heat of summer. When it comes to summer workouts, it's essential to exercise safely and efficiently to maximize your results and minimize the risk of injuries," says Rohit Shelatkar, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, VP of Vitabiotics Ltd.

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Shelatkar warns against mistakes people usually commit while working out:

1. Avoiding weights completely and focussing only cardio

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and other types of aerobic exercise get a lot of attention when talking about exercise for weight loss. But strength training — whether free weights or bodyweight-only — may help budge the number on the scale. Strength training helps promote muscle growth, while reducing overall body fat, more evidence shows. Strength training can help you keep your metabolism up and prevent unwanted fat gain.

2. Not stretching enough before and after the workout

Stretching plays a vital role in preventing injuries and improving flexibility. Neglecting to stretch adequately before and after your workout can lead to muscle imbalances, decreased range of motion, and increased risk of strains or sprains. Prioritize dynamic stretches before your workout to warm up your muscles, and perform static stretches afterward to cool down and promote recovery.

3. Focussing only on the weight and not on the form

In daily workouts, focusing solely on the weight being lifted while neglecting proper form is a common mistake that many people make. Poor form not only diminishes the effectiveness of the exercise but also increases the risk of injuries. Prioritize maintaining correct posture, engaging the appropriate muscle groups, and gradually increasing the weight as your form improves.

4. Ignoring negative reps in the exercise

Negative reps, also known as the eccentric phase, refer to the controlled lowering or lengthening of the muscles while performing an exercise. Many individuals tend to focus solely on the positive or concentric phase, where the muscle is contracted and shortened. However, neglecting the negative phase can be detrimental to overall progress. The negative phase plays a crucial role in muscle development, strength gains, and injury prevention.

5. Spending too much time in the gym

Spending excessive amounts of time in the gym can be counterproductive. It is generally agreed that a well-structured workout lasting around 45 minutes is sufficient for most individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

Health and wellness expert Mallika Tarkas Parekh, M.S., M.P.H., Owner of Physique 57 India, shares exercise mistakes people make in the summer season.

6. Don't try extreme workouts

I always say this, because I firmly believe in it – choose exercise that is sustainable, not because you are looking for a quick fix. The summer 'beach bod' may be achievable for those who are always active and eat well, however if you are looking to lose a lot of weight, don’t try extreme workouts or fad diets in order to suddenly drop a lot of kilos. Stick to a workout that you enjoy, that your body responds well to, and which shows steady results – be it during summertime or anytime through the year.

7. Forgetting to hydrate in AC gyms

Especially if you’re working out indoors, in an air-conditioned gym for example, you may forget to hydrate since you’re staying cooler than if you were outdoors. It’s imperative to keep drinking water, coconut water, nimbu pani, or anything that keeps you refreshed and well hydrated (though stay away from calorie-laden sports drinks)! Heatstroke and other heat-related issues are not uncommon in high temperatures, especially before and after a workout.

8. Not eating right

Be extra careful about your diet during the summer months when you’re exercising and being active. Adding more vegetables to your diet helps to replenish electrolytes naturally, and eating more water-based fruit will maintain the balance your body will need during the hottest time of the year.

9. Not wearing the right clothes

Ditch very restrictive clothing and instead opt for more forgiving cuts and breathable fabrics while working out in the summer. Your body will already be put through the paces while being active and while trying to conserve energy in the heat – give it the chance to breathe by choosing the right workout wear.

10. Doing solo workouts

A lot of people move their workouts indoors during the summer months, when it gets too hot to exercise outside. Choose an exercise studio that offers group classes, to encourage the feeling of community while you work out. This will help you stay motivated and keep your workouts fun and engaging, versus having to grind through another set of reps on your own.

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