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Surprising foods that may trigger stomach pain

Sep 09, 2022 08:00 PM IST

Did you ever experience pain just after eating something? That can be due to some certain foods. Here is the list of surprising foods that may trigger stomach pain.

A growing number of individuals are becoming aware of how food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities impair gut health as increasingly convenient, processed foods saturate our store shelves. It's essential to eat healthy foods, but for many people, doing so results in an excessive buildup of gas in the stomach or small intestine, which leads to bloating and a round belly. Stomach distress, which in some circumstances can even be painful, might come along with this. Many people might not be aware that a certain food is a problem or they might feel too ashamed to bring up the matter. As a result, more discomfort will result from eating problematic foods. (Also read: Can anxiety give you stomach issues? Find out from experts )

Surprising foods that may trigger your stomach pain(pexels)
Surprising foods that may trigger your stomach pain(pexels)

"Your gut health plays a big role in how well you are able to digest and tolerate certain foods. That’s because our gut bugs play a major role in breaking down, digesting and absorbing the types of fibers or sugars in these foods. If you have low gut bug diversity or an imbalance then you are likely to feel the bloat, discomfort and pain", says, Zeina Maktabi, Nutritionist and founder of Upclose and Healthy. She further suggests a list of surprising foods that may trigger your stomach pain.

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1. Raw veggies - these are wrapped in cellulose also known as fiber. As humans, we lack the enzymes to digest fiber. It is our gut microbes that help to break them down, so if you are eating a lot of raw veggies and you constantly feel bloated, then try cutting back. You need to go low and slow. Try cooking your veggies before eating.

2. Inulin powder- It is a popular fiber powder but it can be very tough to digest for many people. It's a type of fructooligosaccharide and many people with sensitive guts can’t tolerate it. Prefer removing products that contain inulin and swapping with milder fibers like acacia or getting your fiber from whole foods.

3. Apple- Do you eat an apple and feel bloated? That’s known as fructose malabsorption or intolerance. Usually due to poor gut bug diversity. The aim is to heal your gut, and increase your healthy gut bacteria so you can gradually introduce fructose fruits again.

4. Sweeteners- Sweeteners like sugar alcohols commonly found in protein powders and bars can cause bloating and stomach pain. They are known as polyols and those with a compromised gut may not be able to tolerate them well.

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