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Beginner's guide: 9 essential tips for first-time pet owners

By, New Delhi
Mar 25, 2024 01:17 PM IST

Welcome to pet ownership! Here are some top tips to help new pet owners navigate the joys and responsibilities of caring for their beloved companions.

If you are planning to bring a new fur baby home, the next few days will be the most exciting of your life. However, with enthusiasm comes a certain amount of anxiety. Adopting a pet means taking on the responsibility of a living being who has emotions and can express them. It is understandable that would-be pet parents make detailed plans before adopting a pet. The bond between you and your furry friend is meant to be impeccable and beautiful. Pets teach us about unconditional love. Every new parent goes through a period when they feel overwhelmed by the things they should be doing. It is impossible to get 100 per cent of things right at first. But gradually you will find your way. (Also read: Pet dental care: Essential tips for brushing your furry friend's teeth )

Embarking on the journey of pet ownership is an exciting adventure filled with unconditional love and companionship.(Pixabay)
Embarking on the journey of pet ownership is an exciting adventure filled with unconditional love and companionship.(Pixabay)

Top tips for new pet parents

Dr Charlie Astle, Veterinarian and Pet Wellness Expert shared top tips for new pet parents in her recent Instagram post.

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1. Research: Research different breeds or species to find which one suits you and your lifestyle. Consider factors like size, energy level, grooming requirements and temperament.

2. Prepare your home: Pet-proof your home by removing any hazards such as toxic plants, small objects that could be swallowed, electrical cords and chemicals.

3. Establish a routine: Set a consistent schedule for feeding, bathroom breaks, exercise and training. Routine helps pets feel secure and aids in their training and behaviour.

4. Socialisation and training: It's important to socialise your pet early with people, animals and different environments. Basic obedience training is also essential for teaching manners.

5. Healthcare: Schedule a vet visit for a health check, vaccinations and to discuss neutering. Keep up with regular vet checkups, vaccinations, parasite control and dental care.

6. Nutrition: Feed your pet a balanced diet appropriate for their age, size and species. Avoid feeding table scraps or foods that could be harmful. Always provide them with fresh water.

7. Exercise: Provide regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. Play games, go for walks and provide puzzle toys for enrichment.

8. Grooming: Establish a routine based on your pet's needs, including brushing, bathing, nail trimming and dental care. Regular grooming helps maintain their health and strengthens their bond.

9. Emergency and preparedness: Have a pet first aid kit and know basic first aid procedures. Keep important documents (health records) handy, and have a plan in place for emergencies.

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