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5 caffeine-free energy boosting drinks

Sep 13, 2023 04:01 PM IST

Swap your caffeine energy drinks with these five healthy substitutes to help support your energy levels in an effective way.

Caffeine can give you an instant boost of energy but drinking too much caffeine can be harmful to your health. It can spike blood sugar by increasing cortisol levels (a stress hormone). It also dehydrates us and depletes us of minerals that our adrenals and body need to produce energy. Even a 1% drop in the body's water level can lead to fatigue. Drinking caffeine is also like taking out a loan from tomorrow's energy and drains the adrenal glands which are one of the major organs of blood sugar regulation. Chronic caffeine consumption can contribute to higher blood sugar or sudden blood sugar drops. You don't need to eliminate caffeine 100% but if you're a coffee drinker, slowly try to cut down the caffeine intake. You can swap your caffeine energy drinks with these 5 healthier options to help effectively support your energy levels. (Also read: Is consuming energy drinks regularly good for health? Study finds association with health and behavioural issues )

5 Caffeine free energy boosting drinks(pixabay)
5 Caffeine free energy boosting drinks(pixabay)

1. Sattu sharbat

(Recipe by Instagram/@Nehas_cooking)

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Sattu sharbat hardly takes five minutes to make. It is nutritious, rich in protein as well as budget-friendly. For making sattu sharbat all you need is 1 glass full of water, 2 tbsp sattu ( roasted channa ), 1/4 tsp cumin powder, black salt to taste, 1/2 lemon juice and pudina leaves. In a glass add sattu, all spices lemon juice and top up with water, mix well and enjoy.

2. Mango smoothie

(Recipe by Instagram/@_foodiebychoice_)

Whip up this refreshing mango smoothie recipe for an instant energy boost. Each serving delivers nutrient-rich fruits, fibre, protein, and probiotics. It only takes a few minutes to prepare this cool and creamy tropical-inspired drink. All you need is a mango, dry fruits and milk. Grind all the ingredients together and your energy drink is ready.

3. Coconut energy drink

(Recipe by Instagram/@zainab_fitforallah)

Make this quick and easy homemade energy drink with five ingredients. This drink will support your adrenal system which is essential for hormone regulation, healthy metabolic functioning, blood pressure, and stress response. It’s packed with electrolytes, vitamin C, potassium and sodium, and protein giving you a nice burst of energy when you need it most. All you need to make this drink is 1/2 cup of coconut water, 1 scoop of collagen powder (optional), a pinch of pink Himalayan salt or sea salt and 1/4 tsp cream of tartar. Put all the ingredients in a glass container. Shake it up and enjoy.

4. Banana yoghurt shake

(Recipe by Instagram/@gastronomical.6)

This drink is packed with all the protein-rich ingredients which will provide you with instant energy. All you need to make this drink is yoghurt, banana, dates and other dry fruits and 1 tbsp honey. Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy your drink. Yoghurt is high in calcium, helps aid in digestion, builds up immunity, reduces high blood pressure and good for your skin. Banana has high fibre content, eases digestion, is a powerhouse of nutrients, are a good source of potassium etc. Dry fruits act as a good source of sugar, providing instant energy to the body.

5. Water and mineral salt

(Recipe by Instagram/@daniellehamiltonhealth)

When we sweat, cry and urinate, it's not plain water. We lose minerals! Salt is one of the minerals that gets easily depleted by stress. Our adrenals love and crave salt when we are under stress. Try putting a big pinch in your water next time you feel the need for an afternoon coffee and watch your energy levels restored.

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