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6 conversations that should never be had over text: Therapist shares

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Feb 25, 2023 05:17 PM IST

From offering apology to sharing secrets, here are six conversations that should be done in real time, and not over text.

Text can be misinterpreted sometimes. Like they say, lost in translation, sometimes the way we feel and the way we express can lose the charm and the real meaning of it when not done face to face. While face to face conversations can be intimidating sometimes, it also has a certain type of intimacy which gets lost when the same conversation is done through text. Addressing this, Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders wrote, “While face to face conversations can require a lot of courage, it’s also where intimacy and vulnerability are often built. It is especially important in our romantic relationships to avoid fighting via text, or only expressing loving statements in text.”

6 conversations that should never be had over text: Therapist shares(Unsplash)
6 conversations that should never be had over text: Therapist shares(Unsplash)

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Emily further added, “If you are someone who struggles to have big conversations in real time, that’s ok; be kind to yourself. If for now advocating for yourself via text is the best you can do, bravo! Future goals can be to muster up the courage to be able to tolerate face to face interactions.” She further noted down 6 types of conversations that should never be done over text:

Apology: No matter how intimating it gets, we should never offer an apology over text. It is better to give sufficient time and space to the other person and then have a talk about it.

Insults: When we are angry, we often end up texting things that we do not mean. This can also further ruin a relationship. It is important to take a break and come back to it later.

Secrets: In the case of sharing secrets, it is better to be discreet through face-to-face conversations. Text messages can sometimes get read by people who it is not intended for.

Frustration: When we want someone to vent out to, it is better to do it by meeting them. Our feelings and frustrations may get misinterpreted when done via text.

Truth bomb: When we mean to drop a truth bomb, it is better to do it in real time, than over a text.

Arguments: “If you find you most (or all) of your conflicts with your partner are had over text, it may be an ideal time to go to couples therapy to help open up more lines of communication and help both persons be able to tolerate and create healthy confrontation,” added Emily H Sanders.

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