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6 skills that women need to master in communication business

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Apr 28, 2024 08:02 PM IST

If you are looking to excel in communication business, we got you sorted with some expert tips on skills that women need to master in this industry

Women in the communication business make significant contributions to the success and innovation of the industry by bringing diversity, creativity and strategic acumen and though we play pivotal roles across various sectors, polishing and learning new skills and expertise are crucial to drive impactful strategies and initiatives. If you are looking to excel in areas such as public relations, marketing, corporate communications, journalism and digital media, you have come to the right place as we got you sorted with some expert tips on skills that women need to master in communication business.

6 skills that women need to master in communication business (Image by Tung Lam from Pixabay)
6 skills that women need to master in communication business (Image by Tung Lam from Pixabay)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Charu Malhotra, Chief Brand Officer and Group Head Marketing at APL Apollo Tubes Ltd, suggested -

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1. Communicate your Vision: As a visionary leader, make sure to paint a vivid picture of the company’s future for your team, one that ignites their passion and fuels their inner drive. Your vision should be bold yet attainable, inspiring others to join you on the journey towards greatness with optimism.

2. Always Believe in Yourself: Maintain self-assurance by acknowledging your strengths and having the courage to take risks because if you doubt yourself, others will too. Hold your head high, exuding an aura of confidence that inspires a feeling of trust and respect in your team.

3. Building Relationships: Approach networking not as a chore but as a chance to learn, collaborate and grow. Be genuine in your interactions, showing a sincere interest in others' vision. In the modern business world, your network is your net worth and the stronger your connections, the more opportunities you will come across.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Nikky Gupta, Founder and CEO at Teamwork Communications Group, recommended -

1. Effective communication and relationship building: Good communication is a must in PR and communications. It's important to express messages clearly and convincingly. Women in this field should become skilled in different ways of communicating, like writing, speaking, and non-verbal cues, to interact well with different groups of people. It's also essential to build solid relationships with clients, the media, and coworkers. Success in this industry depends on having strong networking abilities, good interpersonal communication, and the talent to establish trust and rapport.

2. Crisis management: PR professionals often find themselves handling crises, which necessitates them to think strategically and comprehend the objectives of their clients or organisations. They must excel in crisis management skills, including the ability to think on their feet, stay calm under pressure, and devise effective plans to guide their clients through challenging situations, all the while protecting and enhancing their reputation.

3. Adaptability and innovation: The sector is ever-evolving and it requires communications professionals to be adaptable to new trends, technologies, and communication strategies. In current times, a strong understanding of digital and social media is imperative. They should be adept at utilising various online platforms, staying updated on industry trends, and leveraging social media for effective communication and brand promotion. The ability to innovate and stay ahead of industry changes ensures continued success in this dynamic yet competitive field.

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