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8 principles of mature love: A guide to building a healthy and long-lasting relationship

Aug 05, 2023 09:59 AM IST

Discover the key principles that underpin mature love, guiding us to build and sustain healthy, lasting, and fulfilling relationships.

Did you know that mature love isn't just about passion, but also about respect and trust? The phase of love that is frequently referred to as "mature love" is one of the most important and satisfying phases of love. A deeper, more profound connection between two people develops as attraction and passion are only the first stages of mature love. It is characterised by a strong emotional connection that survives the test of time and difficulties, as well as respect and understanding for one another. Throughout history, innumerable poems, songs, and stories have been written on the complicated and profound emotion of love. Nothing can match its ability to inspire, uplift, and link us.

Love is a profound emotion that evolves over time, and at its highest form, it becomes what we call "mature love." (Pixabay)
Love is a profound emotion that evolves over time, and at its highest form, it becomes what we call "mature love." (Pixabay)

However, we frequently come across diverse expressions and levels of this emotion as we move through the many phases of love in our life. By understanding and embracing the principles of mature love, we can foster a relationship that endures the trials of life and flourishes with time. (Also read: 10 examples of how your partner may be gaslighting you in a relationship )

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Principles of Mature Love

Amanda Twiggs Johns, Certified Marriage and Relationship Coach, shared in her recent Instagram post eight principles of mature love that will help you take your relationship from good to great.

1. Stay connected in conflict

Conflict is natural, but it is important to don't let it tear your relationship apart. Work together to find solutions and communicate openly.

2. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful emotion and has the ability to heal things. In spite of holding grudges practice forgiveness in your relationship. We all have flaws and make mistakes. Accept each other's imperfections and focus on the good.

3. Meeting needs

Do not place all the pressure to meet needs on each other. Try to have a support system outside of your relationship, so multiple people can meet your needs.

4. Give space

Give space as needed. Recognize that space is essential for emotional health and respect each other's need for it.

5. Speak your needs directly

Communicate what you want and need, even if it's uncomfortable. Don't expect your partner to read our minds.

6. Autonomous adults

Respect each other's independence and ability to make their own decisions.

7. We are responsible for our own happiness

Prioritizing self-care and meeting our own needs makes us better partners, as it allows us to be in a healthier and more fulfilled state, enabling us to give and support our partners from a place of abundance and love.

8. Find play together

Make time for unstructured fun activities that will bring both you and your partner closer.

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