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Art of storytelling: 5 tips for using narrative to teach important values and life lessons to children

Nov 08, 2023 09:02 PM IST

Discover how the power of storytelling can impart essential values and life lessons to children with these five expert tips.

The early years of a child's life are crucial for their learning and development. During this time, children absorb knowledge and start to form the values that help them shape them into the individuals they eventually become. Storytelling is a potent tool in early education, that helps children to learn moral values and life lessons and gain insights into the world around them in a captivating and memorable way. Stories uniquely capture children's imaginations, stirring their emotions in a way that simply reciting facts or giving lectures cannot achieve. Much like adults, well-narrated stories can transport children to new worlds, exciting adventures, and different periods, encouraging them to think beyond the ordinary and explore the extraordinary.

5 tips for using narrative to teach important values and life lessons to kids(Pexels)
5 tips for using narrative to teach important values and life lessons to kids(Pexels)

Through stories, children connect with characters and situations deeply, enabling them to empathise with the story's complexities and learn how to deal with their emotions. Stories are remembered longer than abstract concepts or lectures, as the characters, plots, and emotions create lasting impressions. But it's not a simple task of picking up any story. Choosing the correct stories is essential for all-round development. (Also read: Parenting through adolescence: Tips for cultivating healthy relationships and communication skills in teens )

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Tips to teach values and life lessons to children through storytelling

Dr Anita Madan, Head of Curriculum Development, EuroKids shared with HT Digital five important tips and tricks to teach values and life lessons to children through storytelling.

1. Power of storytelling

Selecting stories that deeply resonate with young minds and carry profound messages is crucial. It's not just about any story; the narrative must align with the values and life lessons you want to impart. One should choose stories suitable for the child's age and cognitive development. Younger children may benefit from simpler tales, while older kids can handle more complex narratives. A story that mirrors the child's challenges or aspirations is impactful. One should look for narrating stories that promote kindness, empathy, tolerance, and other essential values. These profound messages will deeply resonate with young minds and help shape their character.

2. Character development

Interesting characters define a story and emerge as role models for children, teaching them about essential human values such as empathy and kindness. As children engage with characters, they learn valuable life lessons by observing these characters; actions and decisions. Fictional characters such as Harry Potter, Frodo, Matilda, and Albus Dumbledore inspire millions of children. Their stories showcase their experiences that offer lessons in resilience, courage, and the importance of doing the right thing. Stories with diverse characters and perspectives help children understand the world from different viewpoints, fostering empathy and tolerance.

3. Getting the narrative right

Good narration is critical to a good story and is vital to capture the child's attention. Descriptive language paints a vivid picture of the story's setting and characters, helping children imagine themselves in the story and understand the characters; perspectives. Engaging dialogue and character interactions encourage critical thinking about the character's choices, and building suspense and including twists keeps children eagerly waiting for what happens next.

4. The need for diversity

Including stories from diverse cultures is crucial as it expands the child's worldview and fosters an environment of inclusivity and tolerance among children. Exposure to diverse narratives in storytelling broadens their perspectives and helps them become more open-minded and accepting of differences. Stories from different cultures introduce children to diversity, helping them understand and appreciate various traditions, customs, and beliefs.

5. Getting the parents involved

Parents play a pivotal role in reinforcing the lessons learned through storytelling. Parents telling stories at home creates a connection between school and home experiences. Storytelling sessions at home allow parents and children to bond, strengthening their relationship. Parents can reinforce the values and life lessons from stories, discussing them with their children and relating them to real-life situations. Parents can choose stories that align with their family's values and beliefs, ensuring a consistent message at home and school.

"Structured techniques are needed to determine the impact and effectiveness of storytelling in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Gathering feedback can provide insights into how well storytelling shapes children's minds. One should regularly collect feedback from teachers, parents, and children themselves. The questions must focus on lessons learned, the impact on behaviour, and whether the storytelling sessions are engaging and fun. It is crucial to curate assessments that evaluate a child's understanding of the values and life lessons taught through stories through quizzes, projects, or discussions," says Dr Anita Madan.

She concluded, "Storytelling is a great device to shape young minds and create a nurturing environment. Educators and parents can leverage the power of storytelling to aid the mental upbringing of the child. This age-old tradition is not just a form of entertainment but a powerful tool that moulds young hearts and minds, paving the way for a brighter, more empathetic, and open-minded future. So, let the stories begin, and watch as the children grow into well-rounded individuals guided by the lessons they've learned."

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