How to manage disagreements that we cannot resolve? Therapist shares tips

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Sep 28, 2023 08:16 PM IST

From maintaining respect to exploring compromises, here are a few ways to manage disagreements.

Not all disagreements can be resolved. But knowing how to manage them, and find common ground is important to create a healthy relationship. Contrary to popular beliefs, conflicts and disagreements in a relationship are healthy as they open up new perspectives for us and help us to get more clarity. However, it is important to address the conflicts and manage the emotions. "Sometimes it’s not so much about resolving arguments as much as it is about learning to manage them. Here are some tips to help you manage unresolvable issues,' wrote therapist Lucille Shackleton as she shared a few tips.

How to manage disagreements that we cannot resolve? Therapist shares tips(Unsplash)
How to manage disagreements that we cannot resolve? Therapist shares tips(Unsplash)

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Seek to understand: We often listen to respond and not to understand - that's where we go wrong. We should seek to understand the perspective of the partner and try to see the situation from their end as well.

Agree to disagree: All arguments and disagreements do not need a winner and a loser. Sometimes two people can be right from their own point of view. We should seek to find common ground and agree to disagree.

Maintain respect: no matter how big the disagreement is, we should never disrespect the other person. Mutual respect is one of the foundation blocks of a healthy relationship.

Find common goals: We should try to find common goals and work on reaching the goals together. This will enhance the bonding with the partner.

Explore compromise: We should also try to make little compromises that are necessary for the relationship. However, compromises should never make us break our own boundaries or be uncomfortable.

Take a break: In case the disagreements go to a point where we find ourselves getting stressed, we should take a break and get back to the same discussion when the emotions are regulated. This will help us to approach the issue with a fresh perspective and find solutions together.

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