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How work impacts relationships: Therapist shares insights

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Mar 03, 2023 07:53 PM IST

From stress to flexible hours, here’s how work can impact relationships and decision making. Take a look.

The way we work changed drastically with the onset of coronavirus. People were pushed inside their homes with their work. Hence, the idea of waking up in the morning and traveling to the office for work changed a lot. With time, work from home became the new normal. People started to get comfortable with this norm and started wrapping their lives around it. With the hybrid model of work followed recently by several organisations, people need to divide going to the office and working from home through the week. But how does it impact their work-life balance? More importantly, what does it do to their relationships with others? “The changing work landscape over the past few years has impacted how couples look at love and relationships,” read an excerpt of Psychotherapist Elizabeth Earnshaw.

How work impacts relationships: Therapist shares insights(pexels )
How work impacts relationships: Therapist shares insights(pexels )

Elixabeth further added that according to a recent survey conducted, it has been observed that, “For people who have a partner with a flexible job, they have felt more free to be able to change their own jobs as well. Singles also report having more sex and being more adventurous when it comes to sex.”

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Elizabeth further noted down a few instances by which work impacts the relationships:

Stress: It has been observed that stress has a negative impact on the sex lives of the couples. It takes the mind away and makes people less attentive to their sexual desires.

Flexible jobs: it has also been seen that people with flexible job hours tend to work more around the house than their spouse or partner.

Work from home: People working from home crave more social interactions, while the ones working from the office look for time alone. Hence couples having different formats of work hours may face conflict with their way of spending time together.

Recession: With the threat of recession creeping in the minds of people, it has had a severe impact in the way people decide things and their future.

“Both singles and those in a relationship have reported that they've changed what they believe to be important - moving from an "ambitious" mindset to one that is more focused on enjoying life and spending quality time with the people they love,” Elizabeth wrapped the post.

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