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Relationship tips: Effective ways to reduce relationship stress

Sep 23, 2022 07:00 PM IST

Relationship stress is inevitable, and more important is handling it in healthy ways. Check out effective ways to reduce relationship stress.

Stress in romantic relationships is a common experience that has a detrimental impact on your relationship satisfaction. In fact, unmanaged relationship stress can lead to negative patterns and decrease the ability of your relationship to function well, so it's essential that you effectively manage it to ensure long-lasting happiness. Relationship stress is inevitable, and more important is handling it in ways that allow you to turn to your partner instead of away from them. Whether you are feeling lonely, tired, overwhelmed or irritable, it’s important to know how to manage stress to help maintain healthy, happy and stress-free relationships. (Also read: Do you know how to appreciate your partner? Expert offers tips )

Relationship tips: Effective ways to reduce relationship stress(gettyimages)
Relationship tips: Effective ways to reduce relationship stress(gettyimages)

Relationship counsellor and marriage therapist, Clinton Power, suggested effective ways to reduce your relationship stress on his Instagram post.

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• Build a strong friendship

Build a strong friendship with mutual fondness and appreciation. Build a culture of appreciation in your relationship by looking for things your partner does well and thanking them for it.

• Develop trust, faithfulness and commitment

The commitment must be reciprocal, and whatever you've agreed upon needs to be actively maintained by both partners to cultivate a secure and reliable connection between you.

• Be responsive

Be responsive to each other's needs and emotional bids for connection. Develop a keen sense of what your beloved needs in different situations.

Demonstrate regular affection

Regular affection and sexual connection to promote mental and physical health. Prioritize and schedule sex and romance in your life if you find it challenging to connect amidst your hectic life.

Communicate well

Communication is the key. Discuss problems, and navigate conflict by repairing upsets quickly. Talking about what's wrong in a calm and open manner and solving problems together is crucial to managing conflict.

Create shared values, life goals, and a vision for the future

Commonalities in your values will bring you together, but having the same destination will keep the partnership going. Talk about what you want out of life and your future.

Give and receive influence

Allow them to share their unique perspective and welcome the possibility of influencing or changing how you address things in your life. In a strong relationship, this will be reciprocal, and you'll both help each other grow.

• Support and protect each other through good times and bad

As partners, you need to protect each other from harm inside the relationship as well as from the outside world. Establish boundaries that make you both feel safe and comfortable, and then maintain them.

• Deal well with external stressors as a couple

Sometimes life throws things at you, and sometimes its challenges affect your relationship. In either case, tackle these sources of relationship stress together.

• Be flexible in adapting to life's challenges

It's essential to respond to challenges as they come up in your life. You're facing the challenges together, so split the burden.

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