Signs that you are healing: Therapist explains - Hindustan Times

Signs that you are healing: Therapist explains

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Feb 25, 2023 12:45 PM IST

From learning to have fun to knowing the triggers. Here are a few signs of healing that we should know about.

Healing is necessary in life in order to start looking forward, than letting our past traumas define us. Be it due to a trauma or a situation that led to damage, healing can be a long process that requires a lot of self-love, compromises, letting go, and most importantly, learning to prioritise ourselves and our happiness before anything else. Speaking of healing and the signs to spot in order to know how much we have healed, Psychologist Nicole LePera wrote, “Celebrate how far you’ve come and the little steps that are actually a big deal.” Nic ole further noted down a few signs of healing. Take a look:

Signs that you are healing: Therapist explains(Designecologist)
Signs that you are healing: Therapist explains(Designecologist)

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Misunderstanding: In the process of healing, we often get drained with people misunderstanding us. We feel the need to constantly explain ourselves and the fear of losing people makes us drop our dignity and self-respect. But with healing comes the blissful peace of knowing that some people will always misunderstand us, and that’s okay.

Boundaries: When we start to heal, we also start to set boundaries, both physically and mentally, and ask people to respect the same. It may seem scary at first, but with time we learn to respect ourselves more.

Mistakes: We also learn to forgive ourselves and spare ourselves the judgement when we commit mistakes. We learn to move on and become better versions of ourselves.

Reactions: What defines healing is the difference between how we reacted in the past and how we react to similar situations in the present.

Needs: Instead of assuming people already know, we learn to communicate our needs in clear words.

Breaks: We also learn to give ourselves the much-needed rest and take breaks when we feel fatigued. We do not push ourselves to the brink anymore.

Triggers: We can read our triggers and have mechanisms to deal with them, rather than letting the triggers get better of us.

Moments of play: Healing also requires learning to have fun, laugh and have moments of play and embrace the child in us.

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