Things we need for our emotional health: Therapist explains

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Feb 02, 2023 03:39 PM IST

From having some time in nature to having someone who understands us, here are a few things which we should prioritise in order to boost our emotional health.

To maintain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, we also need a healthy mental state. To feel happy and content with ourselves, we need to have that certain state of mental peace which comes with a lot of small practices that we do throughout the day. The people that surround us, the people we engage ourselves with, the space where we live, the practices which we do and the habits that we have on a regular basis contribute vastly to our emotional and mental health. In order to keep a stable emotional health, we need to have a regular practice of putting ourselves first and maintaining relationships that create healthy spaces for us to grow. Addressing this, therapist Emily H Sanders wrote, “Things that help us thrive and contribute to our resilience. Best part? They are free.”

Things we need for our emotional health: Therapist explains(Designecologist)
Things we need for our emotional health: Therapist explains(Designecologist)

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Emily further noted down a few things that we need for our emotional health. They are, as follows:

Decisions: Being the person taking important decisions can create a state of stress and anxiety within us. In order to maintain a healthy emotional state, we should choose to take a break from taking decisions when it starts to get too tiring.

Partner: having a person to vent out to, who doesn’t judge us, rather listens patiently and provides us with comfort is very important and fortunate.

Nature: Being within nature, letting nature heal us and calm the mind can help us in boosting our emotional health.

Being valued: Moments of appreciation that make us feel valued are important to get our self-worth back.

Creativity: Having a hobby that includes a lot of time away from work and helps us to embrace our creative side can also boost mental health.

Understood: The feeling of being understood by a person transcends all kinds of stress. The state of having someone who understands us the way we want is very important.

Laughter: There is nothing that a little time of play and laughter cannot heal. We should often embrace that side and let our emotional health get better with it.


    Tapatrisha is Content Producer with Hindustan Times. She covers stories related to health, relationships, and fashion.

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