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Travelling with kids: Summer travel tips to keep mothers stress-free

Jun 02, 2023 01:53 PM IST

Check out essential tips and tricks to make summer travel enjoyable for mothers and children, reducing stress levels and creating joyful experiences.

As summer approaches, mothers everywhere gear up for the joys and challenges of travelling with their children. Travelling offers children a valuable opportunity to discover, learn, and develop. Every parent dreams of nurturing a curious and adventurous spirit in their little ones. From planning and packing to keeping everyone entertained and safe, summer travel with kids requires some extra preparation. By following these tips, mothers can minimise stress levels and create unforgettable memories while embarking on exciting adventures with their little adventurers. Whether you're embarking on a road trip, heading to the beach, or exploring new cities, let us guide you in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable summer travel experience for mothers and their little ones. (Also read: Don't let age hold you back: Tips for safe and enjoyable summer travel experience for older adults )

From planning and packing to keeping everyone entertained and safe, summer travel with kids requires some extra preparation. (Freepik )
From planning and packing to keeping everyone entertained and safe, summer travel with kids requires some extra preparation. (Freepik )

Summer travel tips for mothers

Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia, Pregnancy/Childbirth expert and lactation specialist and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Founder of Therhappy, shared with HT Lifestyle, some valuable tips and insights to help mothers make the most of their summer travel.

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1. Opt for fewer travel halts and better connections

Nothing like having to spend excruciatingly long hours with a toddler, in between airports or railway stations. Try and choose a destination with minimum connections and the shortest layovers. Even if that means having to spend a few extra bucks in the bargain. Having to deal with a cranky exhausted toddler would be nerve-wracking as compared to marginally stretching that holiday budget.

2. Keep small toys and engaging activities for the journey

While it’s true that toddlers can have the most amount of fun with the most unexpected things around them, keep smaller new toys and activities for the journey. This will help them stay engrossed and occupied as compared to the older games/toys that they are used to in their regular routine. Carry that favourite lovey, a suction fidget spinner that would glue itself to the window, simple sticker activities, magnetic mini toys like fish and rod, and storybooks to keep them busy with storytime. While it may sound overwhelming but a different activity/toy for every hour might sometimes save you toddler tantrums.

3. Carry ample wipes, diapers and baby clothes

While packing light with a toddler is every mother's biggest packing nightmare, it goes without saying that baby wipes, diapers and extra clothes will be available in any part of the world except in an aeroplane, on a bus or on a train! Hence it is crucial to have some extra handy than be in a situation where you none left with a messy toddler. Plus, long travel hours or fluctuating altitudes can play it’s part in their little bodies, causing them to pee and poop much more during the aircraft hours than ever on land.

4. Carry noise-cancellation headphones

Sleeping on the move is not every adult’s cup of tea, so expecting toddlers to easily dose off while travelling could sometimes mean asking for too much. Usually, noisy surroundings could be a reason for them not falling asleep. Whether in the middle of your journey or while sightseeing in a new city, Noise-cancelling headphones could just be the need of the hour in such scenarios, helping cut out all that buzz and providing the toddler with the calming realm that they might need.

5. Dress them in layers, while ditching the shoe laces

Whether it’s dealing with the varying temperature or the drastic climatic change. Dressing in layers would make it easier to quickly slip on or slip off those pieces of tiny clothing, keeping your infant comfortable all along. Even better to pick clothes that have no buttons, no zippers or no nasty tie-ups. Avoiding shoe laces that could need you to keep an eye on them and stop often to just help your tiny one tie them in order to prevent a fall.

6. Give them that window seat

The window seat will allow them to stay occupied while watching the view outside. The window seat can also give them that extra space to move around slightly more without coming in anybody’s way. Toddlers are best kept away from the aisle for everyone’s safety.

7. Carry your own water bottle and an empty box

Travel can cause every child’s routine to go out of the window. Meal timings could be haywire and if you’re on the move meals may not be the easiest of hours with your child. Keeping an empty box handy will allow you to pack some food for the child on the go, so that the same can be offered to the little one according to their hunger cues, allowing you to be flexible with them while enjoying your time outdoors.

8. Heat protection gear is a must

Heat can cause the most energetic child to feel cranky and famished. Therefore, ensure you carry ample sunblock, hydrate them well and use caps and sunglasses to keep them covered under the scorching sun to allow for your outdoor times to be stress-free and fun.

If feasible, try planning for indoor activities during peak hours of the sun being overhead. Avoid moving straight into the sun after an extremely heavy meal as often this can cause headaches and nausea.

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