Ukraine war: Mitigating the heavy toll on women

Published on Mar 18, 2023 07:17 PM IST

According to Olena Kochemyrovska, a gender-based violence technical adviser with the UNFPA, women suffered severe psychological problems due to abuse and the absence of their husbands.

As of December 13, 2022, the office of the prosecutor general of Ukraine reported 154 documented incidents of sexual violence allegedly by perpetrators from the Russian armed forces. (Reuters)

Under India, G20 has a chance to reinvent itself

The G20’s success will lie in its ability to work with post-WWII structures. Yet, it must recognise popular sentiment around the world and evolve to reflect current realities

New values and ethics are needed today to make the global order more effective in delivering outcomes. India’s G20 presidency will see the widest possible engagement with nine countries as special invitees alongside several international and regional organisations (PTI)
Updated on Mar 17, 2023 07:41 PM IST
BySujan Chinoy i

Marriage equality: Be on the right side of history

There’s a unique opportunity for the five-judge bench that will start hearing arguments on same-sex marriage from April 18. What it will decide will send a signal to India and the world

What is the havoc that solicitor-general Tushar Mehta fears? If personal religious laws don’t recognise same-sex marriage, then there’s the secular Special Marriage Act of 1954 that allows interfaith couples to marry. A government that talks of a common civil code can easily extend this common law to sexual minorities. It’s hard to imagine that Armageddon will be unleashed by extending marriage rights. (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Mar 17, 2023 07:43 PM IST

Will Rahul’s remarks undo hard work of Bharat Jodo?

Had Rahul Gandhi chosen to say, for instance, “My views are on record on multiple platforms in India. …. I don’t wish to be drawn into that conversation here,” chances are the headlines would have been different

While there is no evident upside for Gandhi in talking about politics and the state of the nation abroad, there is a downside (Congress Twitter)
Updated on Mar 17, 2023 07:45 PM IST

First Principles | Why SVB is an American problem and needs to remain so

The four-decade-old Silicon Valley Bank imploding has two simple lessons: One, ignore social media and two, one's loss is another's gain. Here's why

SVB loaded up on long-term government bonds when interest rates were much lower at close to 2%. Since then, the interest rates have more than doubled to rein in inflation. (AP)
Updated on Mar 17, 2023 06:15 PM IST

Terms of Trade | Rahul Gandhi should return to a 1920 communist debate

As MN Roy sought support from the Communist International for revolution in India, Lenin shot him down. India’s Left-liberals are today seeking the support of Capitalist International. It won’t work

The dispute around Rahul Gandhi’s comments is only a manifestation of this strategy rather than the beginning of it.
Published on Mar 17, 2023 02:06 PM IST

Settling the debate on judicial overreach

The Supreme Court ruling on Election Commission of India goes against the principles of checks and balances and appropriates a role not seen within the realm of the judiciary in most other democracies. This needs to be reconsidered

While the legitimately strong role that our Constitution provides for the judiciary includes adjudicating on such important matters, it certainly never envisaged the scope for it to take an administrative role in constitutional appointments. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Mar 16, 2023 07:35 PM IST
ByBaijayant “Jay” Panda

Build a new global agency to push climate financing

As G20 president, New Delhi must consider laying the groundwork for an international institutional arrangement to help in climate financing and sustainability in developing countries.

India is an excellent example of the scale of climate financing required. Thanks to a massive governmental push in the last eight years, India’s solar and wind projects attracted $66 billion in investment. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Mar 16, 2023 07:30 PM IST
ByManjeev Puri

The glaring paradox of Xi Jinping as peace mediator

It is ironic that the same China embarking on ambitious behind-the-scenes diplomacy to douse flames in distant geopolitical flashpoints — Iran and Saudia Arabia — is unwilling to resolve its conflicts with its neighbours.

Xi believes in establishing a Sino-centric regional system where there will be order under Chinese tutelage rather than a community of equal sovereign States. (AFP file)
Published on Mar 16, 2023 07:24 PM IST

How to climate-proof the agriculture sector

An inter-ministerial and time-bound programme on de-risking agriculture is needed. It should look at seven aspects

The G20 leadership is an excellent platform for India to mobilise member- countries to address climate risk-management solutions (AP)
Updated on Mar 15, 2023 08:47 PM IST
ByPramod Aggarwal, Arun Joshi

Making development much more inclusive

The old growth versus equity, and development versus environment, approaches became less salient. Equity, access and democratic participation, diversity and pluralism are today seen as integral to development, with policy choices being predicated on sustainability and inclusivity.

The administrative and political will to optimise resource utilisation must clearly be galvanised. India’s enthusiastic support for women-led development at the G20 cannot lose sight of the two crucial axes of human security: Freedom from want and freedom from fear. (HT PHOTO)
Updated on Mar 15, 2023 08:56 PM IST

For India’s AI ambitions, the time to act is now

The good news is that India has much going for it: Engineering skills, a growing digital economy, and tailwinds from the US-China rivalry

A 2022 study by MacroPolo, a Chicago-based think-tank, finds that India is the third-largest source of AI talent. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Updated on Mar 15, 2023 09:04 PM IST

What Nepal president Poudel's visit to BP Koirala Museum says about his politics

Ram Chandra Poudel's visits to the Pashupatinath temple and the Sundarijal jail are deeply symbolic, as they highlight how the veteran leader views Nepal's politics

With Prachanda walking away from the CPN-UML to return to his pre-poll coalition with the NC, stability may be on the horizon in Nepal. For now. (Reuters)
Published on Mar 15, 2023 04:20 PM IST

Every state needs an urban anchor

Every state needs a body like the National Institute of Urban Affairs to offer demand-driven technical skill improvement and participatory sectoral evaluations to forge a shared vision

It was only in 1993 that the 73rd and 74th Amendments of the Constitution came into force, aiming to bring about a fundamental shift in urban governance (Shutterstock)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 09:11 PM IST
ByHitesh Vaidya

The US must fix its immigration system

Streamlining the process for Indian talent will enable the US to increase its domestic capacity and effectively counter China through a stronger US-India relationship

The US relies on skilled immigrants to maintain a competitive advantage (Shutterstock)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 08:05 PM IST
ByManjari Chatterjee Miller

At G20, India will put spotlight on culture

To engage with the priorities of India’s CWG in depth and more meaningfully, the ministry of culture has developed a robust year-long programme of cultural projects, such as exhibitions, immersive experiences, art residencies, seminars and publications.

The CWG will evolve through four meetings in four historic cities and steer the G20 discourse on four priority areas. (Hindustan Times)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 07:09 PM IST
ByGovind Mohan and Lily Pandeya

India is a science-tech leader in the making

India claims a space in the top five countries in 29 of the 44 critical technologies and is second in the world in smart materials, high-specification machine processes and biofuels.

Many Indian universities stand out. In advanced data analytics, for example, India has three leading players in the top 20: The Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, the National Institutes of Technology (India) and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The IITs are also a dominant player in AI, ranking among the top 20 institutions in seven of the 10 AI technologies covered in the ASPI project. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 07:24 PM IST
ByDanielle Cave, Jamie Gaida and Baani Grewal

The Taste With Vir: The science of smell in Basmati rice

The more difficult part of the question is: Why does basmati have an aroma, anyway? That’s not easy to answer because it involves science, which was never my subject. But here goes, anyway.

Taste With Vir: The science of smell in Basmati rice
Published on Mar 14, 2023 12:11 PM IST
By, Delhi

The inflation-is-tamed narrative takes its first scalp

Silicon Valley Bank failure is a text-book case of an asset liability mismatch. It’s roots are in poor risk management practices that zero interest rate decade in the US triggered.

People gather outside of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) headquarters in Santa Clara, California, US, March 10, 2023 (REUTERS)
Updated on Mar 13, 2023 08:49 PM IST
ByMonika Halan

A message from The Elephant Whisperers

To protect India’s national heritage animal, government departments must join hands and implement the framework that an elephant expert task force prescribed in 2010

Elephants can’t be confined to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. They are giant nomads and follow ancient routes passed down through generational genes (AFP)
Updated on Mar 13, 2023 07:03 PM IST
ByAnanda Banerjee

Why only appoint judges as arbitrators?

The government needs to pay heed to the advice of CJI Chandrachud by creating a diverse pool of Indian arbitrators for ITA comprising judges, lawyers, and academicians

Resolving an ITA dispute requires expertise in international law. The SC and HC judges spend almost all their judicial careers deciding cases based on domestic law, not international law. Most of their judicial time is spent addressing complex domestic law, not international law, questions. This raises questions about their suitability to sit on an ITA tribunal that would involve challenging international law questions (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Updated on Mar 13, 2023 07:01 PM IST

AAP resolves to come out stronger in 2024

AAP’s growing popularity has sparked fear in the BJP as it poses a real challenge ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Polls

The AAP is seen as representing a kaam ki rajneeti agenda and an alternative political approach, in contrast to the BJP’s Kattar Hindutva agenda, which has brought tremendous support from the people. (PTI)
Updated on Mar 14, 2023 11:16 AM IST

The custodial death of Indian history

Indian archives are in terrible shape. The funds and expertise required to preserve records are seriously lacking. The only hope is to establish a foundation to digitise all records and make them freely available online

The task of digitising and presenting archival materials must be entrusted to a dedicated non-profit foundation governed by a board composed solely of experienced professionals (Chaitanya Library, Kolkata/ Nidhi Shukla, 2020)
Published on Mar 12, 2023 08:29 PM IST

Women’s empowerment is a real necessity of time

PM Modi launched the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign when he assumed power in 2014. As a result, the BJP-ruled states were motivated to launch numerous initiatives targeting women

The rise of women in politics in the country began with Independence. Sucheta Kriplani was the first woman to become chief minister of the country’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh (HT ARCHIVE)
Updated on Mar 13, 2023 02:39 PM IST

Countering terrorism should find space in all multilateral debates

In an era of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the US-China competition, increasing geopolitical crevasses offer newer, safer spaces for militant organisations often seen as valuable tools in coercive geopolitics

India has tried to keep international terrorism as a primary issue in global forums, and this practice should be strengthened, including in the G20 (REUTERS)
Updated on Mar 13, 2023 02:40 PM IST

The true resilience of India’s documentary filmmakers

The Oscar nominations for All That Breathes and The Elephant Whisperers mark an epoch. Nominated in categories known to be among the most difficult, birthed in a country with a negligible ecosystem for non-fiction, this is nothing short of phenomenal

As filmmakers Kartiki Gonsalves (The Elecphant Whisperers) and Shaunak Sen (All That Breathes) walk the red carpet, they’ll be celebrated for everything that the indie documentary spirit has come to represent. And for all of us, they’ve already won (Reuters/AP)
Updated on Mar 11, 2023 07:18 PM IST
ByRintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh

Just Like That | Notes on the life and times of my friend MF Hussain

Over the years, I got to know MF very well. Here are some anecdotes of my time with him, a generous man who became one of India's most sought-after artists

For a person who began his life painting billboards for films, or making portraits for as little as <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>15, he became among the most sought-after artists in India, commanding astronomical prices. But he also was very generous with his paintings. (Getty Images)
Published on Mar 11, 2023 06:56 PM IST

The perils of dictating a country’s culture

A recent lecture by renowned art historian, Fakir Aijazuddin, was a commentary on an official book called Pakistan Culture, and a criticism of India-Pakistan relations

It is important to remember that it’s not just the policies of the present government that have led to the barren relations with this neighbour. (HT File Photo)
Published on Mar 11, 2023 06:44 PM IST

For a Congress revival, a two-fold approach

professor Suhas Palshikar believes the Congress must act on two fronts, organisationally and in terms of its political mobilisation

If the Congress can’t surmount Palshikar’s challenge, is it really ridiculous to say the party’s future could be in doubt?
Published on Mar 11, 2023 06:40 PM IST

Challenging caste on campuses

Alienation, discrimination, and humiliation, combined with administrative dismissal of these experiences, have driven too many Dalit students to take their own lives. This is why the suicides of Dalit students are called institutional murders

When the climate of a campus is not just hostile but deadly to its most vulnerable students, it is reasonable to call a suicide an institutional murder. (Praful Gangurde/HT Photo)
Published on Mar 11, 2023 03:06 PM IST
ByAjantha Subramanian
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