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India's batter Shreyas Iyer walks back to the pavilion during the 2nd Test

'In the name of looking after body...': Irfan Pathan goes point-blank on Shreyas Iyer's mysterious withdrawal from Ranji

Shreyas Iyer withdrew from Mumbai's Ranji Trophy knock-outs despite reportedly being fit.

Darul Uloom Deoband

Child rights body seeks FIR against Deoband's Darul Uloom over Ghazwa-e-Hind fatwa

The NCPCR has directed the Uttar Pradesh government to file an FIR against Darul Uloom Deoband for allegedly publishing objectionable content glorifying "martyrdom in the context of India's invasion". The commission highlighted concerns of inciting hatred against the nation and potential violations of the Juvenile Justice Act. Legal action has been urged, with a report required within three days.

PCOS diet: List of optimal food choices for managing symptoms

PCOS diet: List of optimal food choices for managing symptoms

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal disorder affecting women, that leads to various symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain and infertility. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to prevent long-term complications, including Type 2 diabetes and endometrial cancer.

Afghan men leaving a football stadium after attending the public execution by Taliban authorities of two men convicted of murder, in Ghazni.

Taliban executes 2 convicted murderers in football stadium

Taliban authorities publicly executed two men for murder in a football stadium in Afghanistan's Ghazni city. The executions were carried out by multiple gunshots to the back after a two-year trial. Thousands watched as the victims' families declined to grant reprieves or carry out the executions themselves. The Taliban's strict interpretation of Islamic law includes "eye for an eye" punishments and public floggings for crimes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (R) and Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shake hands at the end of a press conference.

UK announces over 50 sanctions against Russia ahead of Ukraine war anniversary

Britain announced new sanctions against Russia, targeting individuals and entities to weaken President Putin's military capabilities and financial resources, commemorating the Ukraine invasion anniversary. The measures cover over 50 targets in industries like ammunition, metals, diamonds, and energy. The EU also approved sanctions on entities aiding Russian weapon procurement. Earlier, Britain sanctioned leaders of the Arctic penal colony where Navalny died.

Virat Kohli (L), MS Dhoni (c), and Hardik Pandya in their respective franchise colours

IPL 2024: Full list of fixtures of all ten franchises as schedule for first 21 matches announced

The schedule for the first 15 days of the Indian Premier League was announced on Thursday, with defending champions CSK meeting RCB in the opener.

5 unique coffee preparation techniques that you must know

5 unique coffee preparation techniques that you must know

In the world of beverage enjoyment, few experiences compare to the sensory voyage provided by a flawlessly brewed cup of coffee. Extending far beyond a simple energy boost, the brewing of coffee has evolved into an art form, with each method unveiling its distinct symphony of flavours and aromas.

One major lifestyle factor affecting our metabolic system is eating meals at the wrong time.

6 positive dinner habits that can transform your health

While people are usually mindful about morning nutrition, they are more likely to go wrong with the last meal of the day, which could lead to disastrous consequences. If you are someone who's struggling with high cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes or high blood pressure, what you eat in dinner could have a huge impact on your condition. An early and light dinner as opposed to a heavy and late dinner could be miraculous in your wellness journey helping control your weight, blood sugar levels and other chronic diseases.

Functional coffee: Beyond the trend, health benefits and wellness

Functional coffee: Beyond the trend, health benefits and wellness

Functional coffee has emerged as a dynamic and transformative trend within the ever-evolving landscape of wellness beverages, transcending the conventional boundaries of a mere caffeine fix. Inspired by the evolving trends that go beyond the traditional espresso and cappuccino offerings, it is more than just a trendy beverage, transcending the buzz of regular coffee to offer a myriad of health benefits and contributes to overall wellness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia's Putin to fly on modernised supersonic strategic bomber aircraft

Russian President Putin will fly on a modernised Tu-160M supersonic strategic bomber, a Soviet-era bomber upgraded for long-distance nuclear weapon delivery.

To tackle Lynch syndrome-related cancers, early detection is important.

What is Lynch syndrome, the hereditary condition that raises bowel cancer risk before 50?

Lynch syndrome, a hereditary disorder can raise your risk of developing certain kinds of cancer before the age of 50. The syndrome is usually passed on from parents to children during foetal development and can lead to bowel cancer or colorectal cancer and endometrial or uterine cancer before the age of 50. While the condition doesn't directly cause cancer, but genetic mutations that run in the family can increase the likelihood of the disease. Prenatal screening tests can help detect this syndrome while genetic testing can help detect the disorder in children even after they are born.

US working to reduce visitor visa wait time for Indians after decrease of 75%

US working to reduce visitor visa wait time for Indians after decrease of 75%

The United States is working towards further reducing the wait time for visitor visas for Indians following a decrease of 75 per cent last year, according to US Bureau of Consular Affairs Assistant Secretary Rena Bitter.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah (HT)

‘True nationalists are Congressmen...BJP never took part in freedom struggle’: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah criticizes BJP's claim of participating in freedom struggle, stating only Congress members are true nationalists. He highlighted Congress' role in independence movement and questioned BJP's history in the fight for freedom. CM also praised Congress leader's record in Vidhan Parishad. Karnataka's Budget Session began on February 12 with Governor's address.

While “moderate economic loss” will be experienced until 2050, after that date the impact will be significant and Africa will be the hardest hit.

Climate change to slash Africa's GDP by 7.1%: Report

A new study by the Center for Global Development shows that climate change will drive 200 million Africans into severe hunger, reduce crop revenue by 30%, and lower GDP per capita by 7.1%. The developing world, particularly Africa, will face significant economic losses post-2050 if climate change is not addressed, eroding decades of development progress.

Celebrate National Banana Bread Day 2024 by baking this delicious dessert.

National Banana Bread Day 2024: Recipes and tips to make a delicious banana bread

National Banana Bread Day, celebrated annually on February 23, celebrates the perfect pairing of fruit and bread. There aren't many things that can compare to the smell of a freshly baked loaf of banana bread as you walk into your home. It's a common dessert in many homes, which is probably why so many of us have such fond memories of this delicious treat. Banana bread is easy and delicious to make. It's a popular recipe for dessert and a great snack to have on hand as it's healthier than other baked goods. Its soft texture and sweet flavour make it a favourite with adults and children alike. Rich in potassium and vitamin B6, banana bread is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals.

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