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Best car GPS trackers

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  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 19:24 IST
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Looking for the best car GPS for your automobile? Then, here is a comprehensive guide on which are the best car GPS trackers, along with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

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Best Car GPS Trackers

Real-time reporting of a vehicle's location and transmission of driving information are features of the best car GPS trackers. Along with providing emergency roadside assistance, they can also report information like the average vehicle speed and its condition. For your convenience, here is a list of the top 10 car GPS units along with a thorough review.

1.Drivool 890-IN GPS tracking device

Utilising ready-to-use applications suited to their business needs is made possible by the Drivool 890-IN GPS Tracking Device for enterprises looking for geo-aware applications or dynamic transactional tracking, such as that needed for on-demand services. It boasts the most cutting-edge features on its own. Additionally serving as an internet gateway for add-on or third-party hardware, the sophisticated developer version of GPS devices.


• Brand: Drivool

• Features: Device Shake Sensor, Vehicle Battery Voltage Sensor, Battery saver mode, 1-microsecond time accuracy.

• Reports: Detailed analytics

Minimises the load on batteryRequires subscription
Multiple user tracking 
Cellular connectivity 

2.GoMechanic GoConnect OBD GPS Car Tracker

Get comprehensive daily driving reports that are kilometre-by-kilometre, complete with mileage tracking, overspeeding, forceful braking, and acceleration monitoring, directly on the app. Driving data is provided by the GPS tracker. Know how you drive using ten or more criteria, such as hard braking, abrupt acceleration or deceleration, engine over-revving, protracted vehicle idling, and excessive velocity. Active GPS tracking ensures you'll never lose track of your car's location! You can create a virtual geographic zone with Geo-Fencing & Anti Theft Alarm and receive notifications if your car leaves it. With important facts on emissions, engine health, and more, the Smart Health Report aids in maintaining an eye on the condition of your car.


• Brand: GoMechanic

• Features: Geo-fencing, Real-time speed monitoring

• Alerts: Smart alerts, Tow alerts

• Data security: End-to-end encryption

Review driving behaviourAbsence of ON/OFF switch
Enhanced data security 
Free accident alerts for lifetime 

3.J&P Technologies Car GPS Tracker

A strong base for vehicle management, security, and intelligence is the J&P Technologies Prime Plus - Waterproof GPS Tracker. It provides end users and enterprises with the ability to track their cars and peace of mind across a wide range of industries and marketplaces. You may instantly obtain insightful information about your car from your cell phone by simply connecting the tracker to your car. The vehicle's interior contains a highly sensitive GPS chip that transmits the vehicle's precise location to our cloud data servers. You can view your vehicle's live location as well as a full day's worth of driving history on the user-friendly mobile app.


• Brand: J&P Technologies

• Safety features: Anti-theft alarm with a vibration feature

• Reports: Auto-generated daily reports

• Design: Waterproof, lightweight and compact build

Waterproof GPS trackerLess customization option
Highly sensitive GPS chip 
Daily analytics and alert 

4.Akari Gt02A GPS Tracker

The Akari Gt02A GPS Tracker Device is an expertly developed software tracking platform that includes the most recent advancements and capabilities. The tracking software specialises in streamlining the vehicle monitoring process to make things simpler and, in the end, to provide a totally personalised experience. This is accomplished through intensive programming and modular architecture. The device also allows users to view route details on Google Maps and trace their travel history for the preceding month.


• Brand: Akari

• Type of data: Satellite map type

• Control: Via app

• Connectivity: Cellular

• Compatibility: two-wheelers and four-wheelers

Live tracking featurePaid subscription
Affordable and complete value for moneydisplay

5.J&P Technologies Prime GPS Tracker

A strong base for vehicle management, security, and intelligence is the J&P Technologies Prime Plus - Waterproof GPS Tracker. It provides end users and enterprises with the ability to track their cars and peace of mind across a wide range of industries and marketplaces. You may instantly obtain insightful information about your vehicle from your smartphone by simply connecting the tracker to your car. The vehicle's interior contains a highly sensitive GPS chip that transmits the vehicle's precise location to our cloud data servers. You can view your vehicle's live location as well as a full day's worth of driving record on our user-friendly mobile app.


• Brand: J&P Technologies

• Alerts: Overspeed limits

• Settings: Geo-fencing

• Reports: Daily stats and analytics

• Features: Travel history video, Playback feature

WaterproofThe subscriber is required to perform the installation
High performance software available in different languages 
Instant alert on mobile about theft, tow, entering 

6.Onelap GO - Wireless GPS Tracker

A 10,000mAh internal battery and USB charging are both included with the high-end Onelap GO. The Android and iOS apps come with a 12-month subscription. The gadget provides real-time GPS tracking and gives users access to past travel information. Additionally, it provides access to analytics including overall distance, run time, idle time, and more. You can create safe zones for your car using the device's geo-fencing feature, and you'll be alerted each time it enters or exits the zone. A voice monitoring feature is also included with the device.


• Brand: Onelap

• Battery: 10000 mAH

• Reports: Smart and interactive analytics and daily stats

• Control: Voice monitoring

• Features: Travel history record

• Settings: Geo fencing and over-speed limits feature

Geo-fencing featureCostly
Massive battery 

7.SeTrack GPS Tracker

The powerful live GPS tracking and driving history of the SeTrack GPS Tracker are featured. Now, a highly sensitive GPS chip and cloud servers allow you to view the movement of your vehicles in real-time.

A nighttime safety option that can be activated is the immediate anti-theft alarm. In the event of an emergency, such as a theft, the remote engine lock enables smartphone users to remotely turn off the ignition of their vehicle. Daily performance can be compared on graphs using the statistics reports.


• Brand: SeTrack

• Engine Features: Engine on/off, engine cut off

• Reports: Graphical report

• Settings: Geo-fencing, API integration

• Design: Waterproof, Lightweight

Remote engine lockCostly
Track via mobile app or web 
Share live location 

8.Ajjas - Waterproof GPS Tracker

If you need a GPS tracker for your motorcycle or automobile, the Ajjas GPS Tracker is a wonderful alternative. It has a built-in anti-theft alarm that makes a call whenever the engine is started. For two-wheelers, the tracker also provides an accident alarm that, in the event of an accident, dials three different emergency numbers. The gadget also provides two-wheeler users with stationary fall alerts. It has a battery built in and is waterproof.


• Brand: Ajjas

• Alerts: Accident alert and instant theft alert, Power supply off alert

• Design: Waterproof

• Warranty: 1 year warranty

• Features: Live vehicle speed tracking

Anti-theft alarmGeo-fencing is not present
Alerts on accidents 

9.Onelap Micro - Hidden GPS Tracker

The Onelap Micro Plus can be used in a car, bike, truck, or even a bus and is simple to install and use. This gadget boasts accurate tracking and a small form factor. It starts working as soon as your car starts thanks to its instant ignition alert. With the manual or the assistance of your neighbourhood mechanic, you can install it in any vehicle very easily. You can receive daily statistics, overspeeding alerts, safe zone alerts, analytics, and live tracking in addition to that.


• Brand: Onelap

• Alerts: Instant engine on alert

• Control features: Speed monitoring feature

• Power saving: Advanced power saving technology

• Compatibility: A wide fleet of vehicles

Reliable and effectiveSlightly expensive
Anti-theft alarm 
Compact design 

10.Lamrod Supreme - Hidden GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker with a small, sturdy build is the Lamrod Supreme GPS Tracker. It has an overspeed alarm and preserves a three-month history of tracking. This device is considerably more useful and effective because of the built-in accelerometer, GPS, and GPRS. Updates are provided in several map views using the real-time Google Maps tracking tool. Any of your contacts can access the vehicle's live location link for a predetermined amount of time. The gadget also displays statistics on a stunning dashboard that will give you all the information you need, including statistics on night driving, daily miles, fleet workload, total run time, idle time, etc.


• Brand: Lambrod

• Settings: Electro geo fence

• Alerts: Over speed alert, Ignition alerts, Anti-theft alarm

• Features: Real-time display, Powerful MTK chipset

Alerts about theftQuite costly
Fuel manager 
Smart alerts with live tracking 

Top 3 features

ProductsConnectivityWeightSpecial Features
Drivool 890-IN GPS Tracking DeviceWireless99 gmWaterproof, multi-user tracking
GoMechanic GoConnect OBD GPS Car TrackerWireless200 gmDriver behaviour review, better data security
J&P Technologies Car GPS TrackerWired52.2 gmWaterproof, compact, auto-generated daily reports, safe zone, geo-fencing
Akari Gt02A GPS TrackerWired45 gmCellular connectivity, app control
J&P Technologies Prime GPS TrackerWired146 gmWaterproof, anti-theft alert, user-friendly interface
Onelap GO - Wireless GPS TrackerWireless255 gmHuge battery, geo-fencing, travel history, voice monitoring
SeTrack GPS TrackerWired41 gmRemote engine lock, instant anti-theft alert system
Ajjas - Waterproof GPS TrackerWireless250 gmPower supply off alert, anti-theft alarm, live speed tracking
Onelap Micro - Hidden GPS TrackerWired26 gmInstant ignition alert
Lamrod Supreme - Hidden GPS TrackerWire with Fuse50 gmAnti-theft, fuel waste manager, powerful server, over-speed alert

Best value for money

The top choice for the best car GPS tracker that offers great value for money is the J&P Technologies Prime GPS Tracker due to its affordable price range and ease of use. You can access real-time tracking right away after downloading the app, signing up, and connecting to the vehicle.

Best overall product

The GoMechanic GoConnect OBD GPS Car Tracker tops the list when it comes to the best car GPS tracker. The device has an integrated SIM module, which allows it to function well in areas with strong coverage. It also comes with a lifetime plan and is reasonably priced.

How to find the best GPS tracker for a car?

There are several functions on each GPS tracking device. Less features are found on more expensive gadgets and vice versa. Before purchasing, you should carefully research the capabilities of the device because you never know when you'll find out that some crucial features are missing.

Choose how frequently you want the GPS tracking device to update its location information on the vehicle. When used in conjunction with GPS tracking software, GPS trackers are capable of reporting in intervals ranging from every few hours or minutes to immediate, real-time updates. Location data packets can be sent at specific intervals of time or in response to device tilt. Typically, reporting frequency and speed have a direct impact on device price; better performance and quality translate to a higher price for the device.

When compared to all these aspects, GoMechanic GoConnect OBD GPS Car Tracker emerges as the best car GPS.

Price list of the best car GPS

Drivool 890-IN GPS Tracking DeviceRs. 1599
GoMechanic GoConnect OBD GPS Car TrackerRs. 1999
J&P Technologies Car GPS TrackerRs. 2999
Akari Gt02A GPS TrackerRs. 1599
J&P Technologies Prime GPS TrackerRs. 2899
Onelap GO - Wireless GPS TrackerRs. 5190
SeTrack GPS TrackerRs. 1599
Ajjas - Waterproof GPS TrackerRs. 1790
Onelap Micro - Hidden GPS TrackerRs. 3590
LAMROD Supreme - Hidden GPS TrackerRs. 3299

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