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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022
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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022
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Gym wear for men: Track pants to shoes, go for the essentials     

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Jul 05, 2022 20:34 IST
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If you are regular at the gym, then you will need track pants, shorts, vests, shoes and gloves. Check out our list here.   

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Take care to pick the right gym wear.  

With stress and lifestyle diseases taking a toll of our health, ensuring that we eat right and exercise enough is an absolute necessity. Obesity is a serious lifestyle issue and the need to keep a check on it is not a matter a choice anymore; it is the need of the hour. This is one of the reasons why we have seen the mushrooming of gyms all across the country. One of the most components of gym visit is what you wear while exercise. Any discomfort in this department can have serious implications on the outcome of the exercise regimen. Hence, choose your gym wear with great care.

Gym wear is an all-encompassing category which includes track pants, t-shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, gloves and more. If you are keen on them, then Amazon has an impressive collection that you can check out. To facilitate your search, we have shortlisted some of them here. Do scroll down to check them out.

Levi’s Men’s 100% Cotton 100 CA Solid Sleeveless Gym Vest

This sleeveless gym vest is all about comfort. Made from cotton rib fabric, it feels soft in the skin. It comes with neck and armholes and has a ‘binding’ (in stitching, it is about strengthening and decorating raw edges of a garment). It features clean finished bottom hem and looks great tucked in or out. It does not have any itchy tags and makes for a smooth experience.

BAWLI BOOCH Loose Fit Trackpants

These track pants will make your gym experience is worth a while. With its athletic fit, these tapered gym joggers come with a skin friendly surface. Their regular thighs and snug fit legs ensure there is no friction or irritation. Stretchy and lightweight, these men's causal sport sweatpants come with strengthened crotch stitching. So no need to worry about fabric tearing while running or riding.

XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather Gym Gloves

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Another gym essential is a pair of gloves. While lifting weights or doing chest press or a bench press among many other routines in a gym, one is very likely to develop calluses. Then, there is the issue of perspiration. Hence, the need for gloves. It has been made from natural washable leather with four-way stretch ‘Poly Span’ mesh and double stitching. The gloves come with a short finger length design wherein the palm area is reinforced with foam and a luxurious closure system.

ASIAN Wonder-11 Running Shoes


This regular fit shoes is another must-have for men. No exercise can be complete without a pair of good shoes. These shoes come with an ethylene vinyl acetate sole. It has breathable knitted upper which is easily washable and perfect for all seasons. These are quick drying washable shoes which makes it easy for consumers to wash and sanitize them. It also features nitro capsule technology for added vacuum-based air cushion under one's heels.

ADILEE Men's Stretchable NS Lycra Sports Shorts for Gym/Sports/Running

This pair of shorts is an important garment to keep at all times if one is a regular at the gym. This regular fit garment is made from a kind of semi-slick exterior fabric that provides durability. Its interior waffle texture offers superior comfort, temperature regulation and breathability. It also has elastic waist with adjustable drawstrings. This pair of shorts also has two side pockets.

Price of gym wear for men at a glance:

Levi’s Men’s 100% Cotton 100 CA Solid Sleeveless Gym Vest 385.00
BAWLI BOOCH Loose Fit Trackpants 2,299.00
XTRIM Macho X Unisex Leather Gym Gloves 320.00 - 399.00
ASIAN Wonder-11 Running Shoes 498.00
ADILEE Men's Stretchable NS Lycra Sports Shorts for Gym/Sports/Running 499.00

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