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  • Hats for men: Stylish fashion accessories that protect against harsh UV rays

Hats for men: Stylish fashion accessories that protect against harsh UV rays

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Nov 29, 2022 20:48 IST
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Hats should be a must-have fashion accessory for men. They are stylish and add to a person's charisma and they are utility items too as they give protection from sun's harsh rays.

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Hats for men are both fashionable and utilitarian items.

India is mostly a hot and humid country where we have to learn to deal with sun's harsh rays. But how often have we seen men and women sporting a hat? Rarely. When it comes to shielding ourselves from sun's intense and harsh ultra violet rays, we have historically taken the help of sun umbrellas and caps. Even in sartorial sense, hats make for a great fashion accessory but are rarely seen in India.

However, all that may be changing after all. Well, weaving a hat definitely adds to one's charisma and makes one look rather smart and confident. Wear a simple shirt with a pair of jeans and formal shoes and team it with a classic hat and you are sure to look super stylish and classy.

Wearing a hat is not just about style. It also protects one from exposure to harmful ultra violet rays. If we have convinced you to try them out and add them to your wardrobe, then we would like to inform you that it is easy to buy them as well. We have curated a list of quality hats from Amazon. Do take a look.

Pelo Fedora Hat for Men

This is a stylish Fedora (a hat made of felt and one that has a creased crown) hat that is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. It is a beautiful sun and protection hat that provides protection against ultra violet rays as well. It has a fitted style and has been made using light and airy woven material. It is also a durable product and will stay with you for many years. It is a free size hat and can be worn by any man/boy above 14 years. It is versatile wear and is perfect to be worn at the beach, pool, party etc. There is a 41% discount on this product.

CLOTHERA Fashion Straw Fedora/Golf/Bucket/Summer Hat

This fashionable fashion accessory is also a Fedora hat and is ideal to be worn for golf or as a summer hat. It comes with the unique waist band design that gives this hat an attractive and distinctive style. It can be packed and folded; crushable materials have been used to make it, making it easy to carry around and still maintain its shape. It is a great option for cruise, beach vacation and any outdoor activity. It is available at 67% off.

Urban_Made-Vintage Gatsby Style Short Brim Fedora Classic Summer Beach Sun Hat

This hat comes with a vintage design and is a Fedora summer and beach hat. This hat has a classic tear-drop crown shape design with short brim, embellished with simple black ribbon. These features make it look very fashionable with an old-world charm. Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester fabrics, it is a lightweight hat – breathable and skin-friendly. There is 42% discount on this item.

FabSeasons Unisex Fashion Trilby Top Hat

This is a vintage-looking Panama hat and can be worn by both men and women. It has a fitted design and comes in free size, which can be worn by any adult. It is a rather fashionable hat thanks its upper belt design. It can be a very practical all-day wear too as it is breathable, lightweight and comfortable. It is available in nine different solid colours and if you were to buy it, you can get a cool 53% off on it.

Krystle Cowboy Hat for Men

This is style of hats often seen in Westerns genre of movies in Hollywood. This hat is made using artificial leather and will not get deformed easily. It is a durable product and has an adjustable windproof rope. Thanks to these safeguards, this hat is not likely to get blown away by the wind. It is suitable to be worn for all kinds of casual outings; for riding outdoors, riding, taking pictures, traveling, casual parties, etc. There is a 57% discount on this product.

Price of hats for men at a glance:

Pelo Fedora Hat for Men 499.00
CLOTHERA Fashion Straw Fedora/Golf/Bucket/Summer Hat 899.00
Urban_Made-Vintage Gatsby Style Short Brim Fedora Classic Summer Beach Sun Hat 485.00
FabSeasons Unisex Fashion Trilby Top Hat 1,499.00
Krystle Cowboy Hat for Men 699.00

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