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Jogging suits for men: Pick ones that blend style and comfort

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 13:22 IST
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Jogging suits for men come in various fabrics. For winter season, opt for ones that can keep you adequately warm.

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Jogging suits for men offer optimal comfort.

One of the reasons why most people continue to vouch for work from home in several polls is perhaps because they get to stay in their jogging suits or tracksuits all day long. The comfort of being in a jogging suit is simply unparalleled. After returning from a long day at work, most people change into jogging suits as soon as possible. It almost seems as if all the tiredness and fatigue of a long day goes away after stepping into the easy-breezy jogging suit. Given our increasing reliance on this outfit, it makes sense why one must own many jogging suits as is possible. One can always choose from a range of fabric, however, since winter months are here in north India, it is always advisable to opt for ones that promise to keep one warm and snug.

We have picked out our favourites for men and listed them below. Scroll on to take a look at them. We have a hunch that you’ll love them and end up adding all of them to your cart.

Teknik Grid-poly Sportswear Tracksuit Set for Men with Mesh Lining
This tracksuit is made from polyester fabric. It comes with an inner mesh lining on both jacket and sweatpants that help in regulating temperature. The fabric is extremely soft and skin-friendly. The trackpants have an elastic waistband and the jacket comes with pockets in the front. A cosy and comfortable wear, the best part is this outfit can be worn all year round.

This printed tracksuit is a smart option to introduce to your collection. Available in regular fit, the fabric of the outfit is lightweight, durable and super breathable. It wicks the sweat away to keep you dry and cool all day long. The attire ranks high on comfort and is perfect for gymming and workout purposes. Besides, you can even wear it as loungewear.

CHKOKKO Men Winter Track Suit Cotton Fleece Hooded Zipper Set
This tracksuit blends both style and comfort seamlessly well. Made from cotton fleece fabric, this one keeps one adequately warm and cosy. It comes with a zipper in the front and pockets too. Available in a range of colour options, you will have many options to choose from. You can wear this when going for a run, when at the gym or simply when lounging around at home.

Fallyn Men's Polyester Regular Fit Track Suit
This tracksuit for men is made from 100% polyester fabric that feels super soft on skin. The material is breathable and durable and ensures optimum comfort. It is available in two colours - Navy AirForce blue and navy blue. A stylish and comfortable wear, men will feel at ease in this attire. It is super cool and looks smart too. Go, grab it.

Wild West Fleece Winter Hooded Zipper Tracksuits
This tracksuit comes with a colourblock sweatshirt and a pair of comfortable track pants. There is also a hoodie attached with the former. A stylish and comfortable outfit, men will be tempted to slip into it every now and then. It is designed to keep you warm and cosy. Besides, it can be hand washed. It is a definitely must buy.

Price of jogging suits for men at a glance:

teknik Grid-poly Sportswear Tracksuit Set for Men with Mesh Lining 2,399.00
PACE INTERNATIONAL Printed Track Suit 2,299.00
CHKOKKO Men Winter Track Suit Cotton Fleece Hooded Zipper Set 1,234.00 -  1,529.00
Fallyn Men's Polyester Regular Fit Track Suit 1,799.00
Wild West Fleece Winter Hooded Zipper Tracksuits 1,549.00

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