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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022
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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022
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Amla powder for hair strengthens follicles and promotes growth

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Jul 05, 2022 20:24 IST
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Amla powder can do wonders for the health of your hair. Read on to see our top picks in the category. 

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Amla powders help combat hair loss and scalp infections.

It is important to keep hair in good health as it is an important determiner of one's beauty. Hair loss, dandruff, scalp-related infections, stunted growth, dullness and damaged hair have become common problems with every passing day, thanks to our poor lifestyle choices plus environmental aggressors. One of the ingredients that is known to boost hair health and combat hair-related woes is Amla powder, also known as Gooseberry powder. Rich in vitamin C, iron and antioxidants, it gives strength to follicles, nourishes scalp, promotes growth and adds sheen to dry strands. Among other health benefits, it is also good for skin and immune system.

We have rounded up our best picks in this category below. They will prevent premature greying of hair and are natural formulations sans preservatives and chemicals. If you are looking to improve your hair health, skin health, immunity etc, then scroll down to take a closer look at our options. You'll not be disappointed.

Herbvilla Amla Indian Gooseberry Powder
Made from pure and natural Amla, this powder formulation is formulated to nourish scalp and roots and promote supple hair. It will help in combating a common hair issue, that is, hair loss in a big way. Besides, it also makes your skin look radiant and glowing, thanks to the presence of vitamin C in it. It is free from preservatives and chemicals.

Forest Herbs Amla Indian Gooseberry Powder

This 100% natural formulation of Indian Gooseberry powder helps in strengthening the hair follicles and promoting hair growth. A source of vitamin C, iron, among other good things, it helps in giving a boost to hair health, surprising you with steadfast results. For skin also, this powder will work wonders. It will remove dead skin cells and promote a youthful skin.

Alps Goodness Amla Powder
This 100% natural Amla powder from Indus Valley has been made using handpicked and organic ingredients. If you're struggling to find a solution to damaged and dull hair, then this formulation could help you restore the lost shine and strength. It acts as an excellent tonic for hair and also strengthens the hair follicles. Besides, you can also the results manifest in the form of blemish-free youthful skin.

MedicoExperts Amla Powder
This Amla powder is a certified organic and natural formulation. It increases hair strength and prevents hair loss. Thanks to it conditioning properties, it adds sheen to the strands of hair and prevents premature greying of hair. An unscented formulation, it also boosts hair growth. Besides, it also proved good for the immune and digestion system.

Attar Ayurveda Pure Amla Powder
This Ayurvedic Amla powder formulation acts as an excellent alternative to traditional conditioners, shampoos and supplements. It promotes hair growth and helps in treating scalp conditions. For healthy and strong hair, this makes for a good pick. It is also good for skin, as it keeps blemishes away. This vitamin C-rich powder is suitable for all hair types.

Price of Amla powder for hair at a glance:

Amla powder for hairPrice
 MedicoExperts Amla Powder 290.00
 Alps Goodness Amla Powder  225.00
 Herbvilla Amla Indian Gooseberry Powder  349.00
 Forest Herbs Amla Indian Gooseberry Powder  199.00
Attar Ayurveda Pure Amla Powder 399.00

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