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Best men's face moisturisers hydrate skin, heal sun damage and help brighten it

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 19:22 IST
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Moisturisers for men help address a number of skin-related issues such as hydration, oil control, reversing the effects of sun damage and more. Read on to know more.

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Moistursers for men help skin in multiple ways.

If one were to browse the shelves of department stores, one is likely to find different sets of creams, lotions and moisturisers (particularly for face) for men and women. The fact of the matter is that the skin of men and women is different. One of the many differences is that men's skin is thicker, not because of shaving. The deeper layer of the skin called the dermis is about 20% thicker than a woman's dermis, it is said. Naturally, the cream they use has to work harder to reach deeper into the skin to do its work.

In the past, moisturisers for any kind of skin and no matter what the weather, were oily and meant to combat dryness. Today's moisturisers do a lot more. They work on healing and protecting the skin in multiple ways - they hydrate, control oil production, give protection against ultra violet rays, combat ageing signs like pigmentation, wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, give radiance and glow to the face and act as a shield against pollution. Enough reason for them to be in your must-have list of items? Yes, of course.

We have bunched together some of the best creams for men from Amazon. We are certain you will like them too. Take a look and order some right away.

The Man Company Coffee Face Moisturiser

This moisturiser comes enriched with Coffee Arabica and Shea Butter. Caffeine (contained Coffee Arabica) is supposed to be good as a face moisturiser as it hydrates skin, removes hyperpigmentation, heals sun damage on skin and helps nourish and tone it. Coffee Arabica improves skin elasticity, thus preventing ageing. Shea Butter makes skin soft and supple and gives an even skin tone. It also contains vitamins C, which enhances skin radiances. There is a 32% discount on this item.

NIVEA Men Crème, Non Greasy Moisturizer

This is a non greasy moisturiser which can be used all over the body and hands and not just face. This product is a hydrating and moisturising product. It also prevents skin from drying. This non-greasy and non-sticky cream that is formulated to absorb quickly. It is specially designed for men and can be used by men of all skin types. You can get a discount of 23% on this product.  

Garnier Men, Moisturiser, Brightening and Anti-Pollution

This is a moisturiser for men especially formulated for dull skin. It is meant to brighten it. This moisturiser comes with a special ingredient - lemons. It also protects the skin from pollution and increases its glow. It is also a lightweight cream. It comes with, what the makers call, “an invisible formula” enriched with purifying Green Tea and brightening lemon extracts. There is 18% off on this moisturiser.

THE UNPLUGGED Hydra Glow Non-sticky Face Moisturiser for Men & Women

This is an intense moisturiser meant for all kinds of skin - dry to normal. It also contains a host of skin-friendly ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E + B5 and Carrot seed oil. This moisturiser does the following things - hydrates skin and locks in moisture, enhances radiance, reduces dark spots, removes dullness, dryness and flakiness. It also minimizes the appearances of wrinkles and helps get rid of the uneven texture caused by pollution, stress and sun exposure. There is a 30% discount on this moisturiser.

Blue Nectar Vitamin C Face Moisturizer for Women & Men

This moisturiser is a vitamin C-rich one, which can be used by both men and women. It contains 14 herbs in it, apart from Rosehip oil, Hyaluronic acid and Green Tea. Sustained use of this moisturiser can soften and hydrate the skin. It also helps retain moisture in the skin and gives it a glow. It helps in keeping skin tone even and protects skin from dryness.      

Price of moisturisers for men at a glance:

The Man Company Coffee Face Moisturiser 349.00
NIVEA Men Crème, Non Greasy Moisturizer 190.00
Garnier Men, Moisturiser, Brightening and Anti-Pollution 149.00
THE UNPLUGGED Hydra Glow Non-sticky Face Moisturiser for Men & Women 595.00
Blue Nectar Vitamin C Face Moisturizer for Women & Men 575.00

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