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Saturday, Mar 25, 2023
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Face shield masks are transparent, protect us from droplets, aerosols, sprays

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 09:04 IST
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Face shields are a good way to keep a host of ‘baddies’ at bay - aerosols, sprays, saliva, dust, pollen and splatters. Read on to know more.

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Face shields are a simple yet effective way to keep one protected from disease-causing germs, viruses, bacteria among others.

In the last two years ever since coronavirus came and wreaked havoc in the world, most people were obviously unaware of all kinds of face masks and face shields. While face masks became ubiquitous in the last two years, face shields were not so common. Having said so, face shields are far more effective in protecting us from all kinds of matter which has the ability to wreak havoc on our systems - flying debris, droplets, aerosols, sprays, saliva, dust, pollen and splatters. To that effect, it is much better than a face mask though it looks a little odd as compared to face masks.

Hence, it is wise to keep one at home even if the pandemic scare has gone down significantly. Many of these face shields come in very attractive designs too, ones that cover the mouth and nose while being ergonomically designs.

If we have convinced you to go ahead and pick one, Amazon is an ideal place to begin your search.

Steelbird YS-20 / SBA-2 FS Pack of 2 7Wings Unbreakable Reusable Unisex Face Shield

The face shield from Steelbird offers full face protection. Made of durable polycarbonate and foam, it is both unbreakable and reusable. This face shield is suitable for both men and women and is an excellent option for personal protective equipment. It comes with a hook and loop closure. It is anti-scratch coated and comes with UV printed screen.

Covid Comfort Smartguard Face Shield

The face shield is a lightweight, reusable mask designed for both men and women. It can also be used by kids and is suitable for doctors. The transparent shield provides an added layer of protection against COVID-19 and the smart goggles feature allows for added visibility. It is a versatile mask for various purpose and protect from virus and other airborne particles.

SISTER FREE 1 KIDS N95 MASK Full Face Shield For Kids

This N95 mask is a full face shield designed for children aged 8 years and above. It features an anti-fog coating, is washable and fits perfectly with a removable nose rest. The mask is made in India and comes in a pack of one. It offers N95 level protection, making it suitable for children in high-risk environments.

Vega Face Shield, Face Protection shield, Full Face Protector

This face shield from Vega is a type of full face protector that is designed to provide additional protection for the face and eyes from a variety of potential hazards. It features a durable, lightweight design that can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time, and is available in a range of different sizes to fit a variety of head sizes. The shield provides a clear view, and is designed to protect the face from dust, flying debris, and other potential hazards. The shield is adjustable and easy to wear, making it suitable for different usage scenarios.

ANTIMOS Goggle Style Anti-Fog Face Shield Mask

This anti-fog face shield mask is a unisex protective wear that features a 180° safety coverage with anti-scratch coated glasses and a clear face visor. It is designed to prevent fogging and provide a clear vision. The mask is transparent and comes in a pack of one. It is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for all. This face shield is perfect for those who wants additional protection for their face and eyes. It is easy to wear, comfortable and compatible with glasses.

Price of face shields at a glance:

Steelbird YS-20 / SBA-2 FS Reusable Unisex Face Shield 950
Covid Comfort Smartguard Face Shield 699
SISTER FREE 1 KIDS N95 MASK Full Face Shield For Kids 999
Vega Face Shield, Face Protection shield 494
ANTIMOS Goggle Style Anti-Fog Face Shield Mask 1,000

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