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Best products for cats claw care at home

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  • Published on Dec 30, 2022 15:09 IST
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Are you looking for products for cats claw care? Know the different products available in the market.

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Cats Nail Cutter


Cat claw care is an essential part of cat grooming. If you are having a pet cat or kitten, you should own the grooming tools for your cats. The perfectly shaped and trimmed claws of the cats make them look good and attractive. In addition to the neat look, the well-trimmed claws also make your cats feel comfortable. It is because the long nails get curved back and may grow in the paw pad making your cat feel discomfort. Moreover, such long nails can scratch your legs and arms and also scuff your furniture.

The cats claw care tools include a nail cutter, clipper, trimmer, and colorful nail caps. In this article, you will learn about the best cat nail trimmer and cutters. You can get them easily at budget-friendly rates. Lets us know what these products are so you can choose the one best suited for your pet cat.

How to select the perfect cat claw care product?

It is an effortless task to select the perfect cat claw care product for your pets. First of all, is the type of trimmer you require, whether it is a grinder trimmer, scissor clipper, or guillotine?

These are optimized according to the type of nail your pet is having. The next point to consider is the comfort of usage. For that, you have to make sure that the handles are non-slippery and of precise size. Sharpness is the next point you should consider while purchasing nail care products. The blades should be sharp enough so the nails can be cut without snagging and hurting your pet. And, the last is the budget of course.

Best cats claw care products

1. Petvogue dog nail cutter

PetVogue Dog Nail Cutter is made of stainless steel and sharp blades are quite powerful to trim the nails of your pet cats with one cut. This cutter has many useful features, which include, rust-free, scratch-proof, durable, etc. the design is ergonomic, easy to handle, and simple to grasp. The Semi circular blades are completely safe for the precise cut of your pet's nails. You can close the lock when not in use.


  • This cutter has safety guards to prevent overcutting
  • It trims the nails safely
  • It has a safety lock mechanism
  • It has a secure rubber-coated grip that makes handles non-slippery

2. Foodie puppies professional animal nail cutter clipper grinder trimmer filer

Foodie Puppies Professional Animal Nail Cutter Clipper Grinder Trimmer Filer is specially designed to trim and cut the nails of your cats and dogs. These blades have a 4.0 mm thickness and are sharp enough to cut the tough nails of your pet with ease. The handles are nonslippery hence our pet does not get hurt accidentally while using it. This professional nail cutter has a safety guard that reduces the chances of injury and overcutting.


  • Convex edge blade made of stainless steel
  • Non slippery handles made of rubber coating for extra grasp
  • Safety lock mechanism
  • Safe to use for your pets
  • Quick sensor safety guard

3. Java trade dog grooming hammock restraint bag sling harness cat claw care

Java Trade Grooming Hammock is made up of breathable and thick cotton that is soft and comfortable for your cats. The hammock makes grooming, bathing, and nail trimming much quick and more convenient. The S-shaped hooks improve the carrying capacity, thus preventing pets from falling. In addition to that, it is multifunctional you can use it for trimming nails, grooming, cleaning ears & teeth, and carrying medicines for your pets. Above all these benefits, it is simple to use.


  • Made up of soft and comfortable cotton material
    Extremely Easy to use and wrap
  • S-shaped hooks make it entirely safe for your pets
  • It is a multipurpose hammock, for bathing, grooming, shaving hair, trimming nails, and much more

4. Calandis cats grooming restraint bag breathable for claw care

Calandis cats grooming restraint bag is designed to have a shrink hole preventing your pets from escaping and scratching. It is made up of 600D oxford cloth that is soft, skin-friendly, and durable. It has several uses, such as nail cutting, daily bathing, ear cleaning, manicure, short trips, oral examination, anti-scratch, and anti-bite. The bag has strong straps that are easy to wear and the neck size is flexible enough to adjust.


  • Cat grooming carry bag
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Multiple uses
  • Perfect for long-term service because of its durability

5. Macaso mesh cat grooming bag bite restraint no scratching for claw care manicure pink

Macaso Mesh Cat Grooming Bag is a cat holder bag that is anti-scratch and can be used for multipurpose. These consist of claw trimming, daily bathing, short trips, ear cleaning, oral examination, and manicure. The special Mesh design of the bag makes it more comfortable and easy to use for your pet. It has a smooth zip closure, an easily adjustable mouth size, and buckle fastening tape. The material used to make it consists of nylon which is breathable, soft enough, and durable.


  • Designed to prevent the escape of pets
  • The nylon material of the bag makes it soft and breathable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for multiple purposes

6. The dds store professional cat nail clippers

The nail clippers introduced by DDS Store have sharp stainless steel blades allowing safe and neat & clean cut claws of your pets. These nail clippers are used by even professionals as well as veterinarians in salons. This product does not require much effort and is suitable for small, medium, and large-sized cats. The protective guard of these nail cutters prevents the claws to cut very short. Moreover, the lock function makes it safer while not in use.


  • It is the best quality product
  • Enough durable
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • The product is available in many sizes
  • It has an optimized cutting angle that gives a perfect cut

7. Pet believe 2 in 1 size adjustable claw care nail cutter cum clipper believe 2 in-1 size adjustable

Pet believes the2-in-1 size adjustable claw care nail cutter contains a nail clipper and nail file. It turns down the risk of hurting or cutting the pet's nails. It also comes up with a child lock that prevents children from utilizing it. This high-quality product has nonslippery handles providing the right grasp to the users so they can easily complete their tasks. This cutter is made up to be used for small and medium-sized cats and dogs.


  • It is made up of high-quality stainless steel offering ruggedness
  • It has a nonslippery design that makes it more comfortable for users
  • This nail cutter is designed considering the safety of the pets on priority

8. Psk pet mary cat nail caps

PSK pet mary cat nail caps is another Cats Claw Care product that makes the claws of your pet look more beautiful. These Nail Caps are suitable for cats of ages ranging from 16 weeks to 5 months. The size is crucial hence you are recommended to take a nail cap and try on the claw of your cat to check the fit. If it is not fit, then you can trim it as per the size you require and fill it with little glue, then paste it.


  • Available in multi colors and round shaped
  • You can use it for cats from size X Small to Large
  • It comes with blue applicators

9. Psk pet mart 20pcs cat nail caps, colorful pet cat soft claws nail covers for cat claws with glue and applicators

PSK PET MART 20pcs Cat Nail Caps is a perfect collection of 20 pieces of multi-colored nail covers for the claws of your furry friend. These are soft and made up of organic and non-toxic resin material. They not only make their claws more attractive but also prevent the cat's scratch disease. Hence you can protect your cat and protect yourself from any scratch by the long claws of your cat. Such nail caps are easy to apply. You only need to trim the caps considering the size of your pet claws and paste them using glue.


  • It brings up the safety certificate that ensures the product is well-tested and safe to use
  • These are multi-functional as these prevent cats' scratch disease and make them look well-groomed
  • The product is quite easy to use and apply

10. Emily pets combo of glove with professional pet nail clipper scissor cutter for dog cat claw

You do not need a grooming appointment for your cat if you are using the Emily Pets Professional Pet Nail Clipper. These are a must to own for the size of pets ranging from Small to Medium. The blades included in this product are made of metal along with an angled tip, making it the perfect cutting tool for your pet. The unique rubber grip on the handles makes it anti-slippery and safe to use. These nail clippers facilitate the precise and clean cut without any fear of harming your cat accidentally.


  • It has the best grip making sure the precise handling
  • It is designed for toenails, shearing nails, and claws
  • These are best suited for small and medium-sized pets
  • These clippers provide easy control for the perfect clipping

Products Price List

ProductPrice (in Rs.)
PetVogue Dog Nail Cutter239
Foodie Puppies Professional Animal Nail Cutter Clipper Grinder Trimmer Filer220
Java Trade Dog Grooming Hammock Restraint Bag Sling Harness Cat Claw Care1,458
CALANDIS Cats Grooming Restraint Bag Breathable for Claw Care2,522
Macaso Mesh Cat Grooming Bag Bite Restraint No Scratching for Claw Care Manicure Pink812
The DDS Store Professional Cat Nail Clippers199
Pet Believe 2 in 1 Size Adjustable Claw Care Nail Cutter cum Clipper209
PSK PET MARY Cat Nail Caps239
PSK PET MART 20pcs Cat Nail Caps, Colorful Pet Cat Soft Claws Nail Covers for Cat Claws with Glue and Applicators229
Covers for Cat Claws with Glue and Applicators 
Emily Pets Combo of Glove with Professional Pet Nail Clipper Scissor Cutter for Dog Cat Claw275

Best value for money

Emily Pets Nail Clipper Scissor offers the best value for money. These can be used for shearing nails, toenails, and claws. The blades are made of metal and have the angled tip giving the perfect angle to cut the nails in a single try. If you are using this tool, you need not book any professional grooming appointment for your pet. The tool also comes with a glove. Moreover, the tool is available within budget.

Best product overall

The Pet Believe 2-in-1 adjustable cat's claw care cutter and clipper is the best product for your pet cat. The blades are rugged, sharp, and made up of stainless steel. The ergonomic design is perfect to use as the handles are made of rubber material making the handles non-slippery and offering perfect grip to your hands so you do not hurt your pet while using it. The safety lock ensures the safety of children when the tool is not in use.

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