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Best 360 degree camera for car to minimise blind spots and reduce the risk of accidents, top 6 picks

May 25, 2024 06:00 AM IST

With a 360-degree camera for car, you can see all around your vehicle, which helps in parking, manoeuvring in tight spaces, and avoiding obstacles.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, one thing that seems to be ever-increasing is traffic congestion. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or embarking on a road trip, navigating through the chaos of today's roads can be a daunting task. Moreover, with the rise in the number of vehicles on the road, coupled with limited infrastructure improvements, the situation only seems to be getting worse.

Check out our best picks for for 360 degree camera for car and add a layer of safety to your drives.
Check out our best picks for for 360 degree camera for car and add a layer of safety to your drives.

To address this concern, equipping oneself with safety-enhancing tools becomes essential. One such tool gaining popularity among drivers is the 360-degree car camera. This innovative technology provides a comprehensive view around the vehicle, aiding drivers in manoeuvring through congested environments safely. By offering a complete perspective of the surroundings, it helps drivers make informed decisions, reducing the risks associated with driving in heavy traffic.

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The benefits of installing a 360-degree camera for car extend far beyond merely addressing blind spots. For instance, you can precisely gauge your proximity to obstacles and ensure a seamless parking experience. In addition, with a 360-degree view, you have full visibility of adjacent lanes, minimising the risk of collisions when merging or overtaking slower vehicles. The benefits are many and we urge you to avail some too. Hence, we are recommending some of the best 360-degree cameras for cars, available on Amazon, that will empower you to navigate safely through the madness of today's traffic.

The REDTIGER F5 WiFi Dash Cam is a smart camera designed specifically for cars, providing various features to enhance safety and convenience while driving. The front camera captures video in 1920*1080P Ultra HD quality with an F2.0 Large Aperture. This ensures clear and detailed footage, even in challenging lighting conditions. The camera can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust the angle according to your preference. Moreover, you can connect to the camera's built-in WiFi using the RedTiger app on your iOS or Android smartphone. This allows you to view real-time video footage and control various functions of the dash cam remotely.

Specifications of REDTIGER F5 WiFi Dash Cam Front 360 degree car camera:


Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

Special Feature: Adjustable

Mounting Type: Adhesive Mount

Vehicle Service Type: Car

Orientation: Driver's Side

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
1080P Full HD video qualityParking monitoring function requires an additional hardwire kit
Wide-angle lens for fewer blind spotsLimited effective distance for WiFi connection
Easy installation and removalAdhesive mounting might leave residue on the windshield

What are customers saying on Amazon?

Customers commend the security provided by the onboard camera, deeming it reliable and an added safeguard for their vehicle. They also appreciate the high quality of both video and audio recordings. However, some customers have encountered challenges with reading number plates.

Why choose this product?

If you wish to invest in your driving safety, then this camera is certainly worth buying. With its clear 1080P video and fewer blind spots, you safety is ensured. Its real-time monitoring via the RedTiger app can help you stay connected while features like parking mode and collision sensing give you peace of mind.

Offering full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, Qubo 360-degree camera for cars ensures crystal-clear footage of your journeys, capturing every detail with precision. Equipped with a Sigmastar Main Processor, a 2 MP CMOS Image sensor, and a class-leading lens with an Infra-Red filter, it guarantees superior image quality, even in challenging lighting conditions. One of the standout features of the Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro X is its loop recording functionality, which supports SD cards up to 1TB in size. Additionally, the dash cam is designed to withstand extreme temperature changes, with an operating temperature range from -5°C to 65°C, making it suitable for use in a variety of climates, including the hot conditions often experienced in India.

Specifications of Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro X 360 degree:

Brand: Qubo

Model Name: Dashcam Pro X

Connectivity Technology: Infrared, Wi-Fi

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

Special Feature: Loop Recording, Night Vision, Temperature Resistant

Mounting Type: Adhesive Mount

Vehicle Service Type: Car

Orientation: Driver's side

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Crystal-clear Full HD 1080p video qualitySD card not included
Wide-angle coverage of 4-6 lanes 

What are customers saying on Amazon?

Customers praise the vision, recording quality, and overall video performance of the onboard camera. They highlight its excellent night vision capability, the continuous loop recording feature, and the clear picture quality.

Why choose this product?

You should choose the Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro X over others for its superior features and reliability. Made by the trusted Hero Group and proudly crafted in India, the Qubo Dash Camera Pro X is a reliable choice for enhancing your driving experience.

The Vantrue N4 Pro 3 Channel 4K WiFi Dash Cam offers comprehensive protection and advanced features for drivers seeking heightened safety and security on the road. With its 4K HDR technology and Super Night Vision capabilities, the N4 Pro delivers balanced lighting and sharp details for superior night shots, providing invaluable evidence for insurance claims or disputes. Users can choose between various configurations, including front and rear 4K+1080P, or front and interior 4K+1080P dual-channel modes, adapting to their specific needs. The rear camera is highly flexible, with a 360° rotation capability, allowing users to monitor the surroundings behind their vehicle or focus on the interior cabin, even in total darkness thanks to its IR LEDs.

Specifications of Vantrue N4 Pro 3 Channel 4K WiFi Dash Cam:

Brand: Vantrue

Model Name: Vantrue N4 Pro

Orientation: Driver's Side

Vehicle Service Type: Minivan, Car, Truck

Special Features: 4K HDR, IR LEDs, Night Vision

Mounting Type: Magnetic Mount

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
True 4K Triple Dash CamHardwire kit required for parking mode
Hands-free Voice Control Magnetic mount might not be suitable for all vehicles

What are customers saying on Amazon?

Users on Amazon found the installation process extremely straightforward and hassle-free. Many were particularly impressed by the 4K video quality and the camera's ability to recognise license plates from a considerable distance. While it may be challenging to discern details from far away, this seems to be a common limitation with in-car video systems.

Why choose this product?

You must opt for this driving companion for its hands-free voice control that doesn't distract you. Its versatile design allows for 360-degree rotation ensuring optimal safety and convenience on the road.

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With its 1296P FHD front lens and F1.8 large aperture, this camera captures crystal-clear videos, ensuring clarity and detail in the footage. The dashcam supports both iOS and Android systems, allowing users to view and download HD live and recorded video through the Conbre Dashcam App. The Conbre Blackbox creates a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing users to connect their phones and live stream video while travelling in the car. Overall, the Conbre Blackbox offers a combination of advanced features, high-quality imaging, and user-friendly functionality.

Specifications of Conbre Blackbox 2MP Wide Angel 360 degree camera for car:

Brand: Conbre

Model Name: Blackbox

Orientation: Driver's side

Vehicle Service Type: All terrain vehicle

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Special Feature: 2MP

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p, 1296p

Mounting Type: Adhesive mount

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Crystal clear image quality Requires separate purchase of hardwire kit for parking mode
Wide angle coverage Limited to 256GB SD card support

What are customers saying on Amazon?

Customers appreciate the quality, value, and ease of installation of the onboard camera. They find it to be a good product, noting its inclusion of both front and rear cameras and straightforward installation process.

Why choose this product?

Looking for a gadget that is convenient to use? Conbre Blackbox offers crystal-clear 1296P FHD video quality with a wide-angle lens for comprehensive coverage. Its easy DIY setup and user-friendly app make it convenient to use. Plus, with its smart parking mode and temperature-resistant design, it ensures continuous protection for your vehicle in all conditions.

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The Philips GoSure 3001 Car Dash Camera offers drivers a reliable and user-friendly solution for capturing high-quality video footage while on the road. With its full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and a wide 132° super wide-angle field of view, it ensures crystal-clear images, capturing more of the surroundings to cover 4-6 lanes simultaneously. The camera's 2 MP CMOS image sensor, G-Sensor, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video system deliver superior low-light performance and clear video quality, even in challenging nighttime conditions. The dash cam features built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing users to enjoy live streaming of videos on their smartphones by connecting to a third-party app.

Specifications of Philips GoSure 3001 360 degree Car Dash Camera:

Brand: Philips Automotive

Model Name: GoSure 3001

Orientation: Front

Vehicle Service Type: Car

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Special Feature: Built-In WiFi, 360 Degree, App Control, Compact Design, Built-In Microphone

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Crystal Clear 1080p Video QualityWindshield mount might not be preferred by all users
Built-in WiFi for easy connectivity 

What are customers saying on Amazon?

Customers appreciate the quality, performance, and video quality of the onboard camera. They note that it's a reliable device with good image capture. The ease of installation and user-friendly mobile app are also praised. However, a downside is its single-channel capability.

Why choose this product?

With built-in WiFi and a user-friendly GoSure app, it provides convenient connectivity and easy access to recorded footage. Additionally, its compact design and reliable performance make it a smart choice for enhancing your car's safety and security on the road.

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Featuring four cameras with wide-angle lenses, including a unique rear cabin camera, it achieves a revolutionary 360-degree recording without any blind spots. With a maximum resolution of 2.7K (1944P) for the front camera and 1080P for the others, it ensures crystal-clear footage from all angles, enhancing safety and security for drivers. Equipped with 5G WiFi and a dual-system GPS module, the N5 offers fast transfer speeds, accurate positioning, and convenient access to settings and live footage via the Vantrue app. With loop recording, variable sensitivity G-sensor, and a reliable super capacitor, the N5 ensures seamless operation and long lifespan, even in extreme temperature environments.

Specifications of Vantrue N5 4 Channel WiFi 360° All Sides Dash Cam:

Brand: Vantrue

Model Name: N5

Orientation: Driver's side

Vehicle Service Type: Minivan, SUV, pickup, car, truck, caravan

Special Features: Loop Recording, Support 512GB Max, Built-In WiFi, Dual System GPS

Mounting type: ‎Magnetic mount

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Industry First Rear Cabin CameraAdditional accessories may be needed for optimal use
SONY STARVIS 2 Night VisionRequires hardwire kit for parking mode

What are customers saying on Amazon?

Customers on Amazon say that this dash cam offers essential vehicle safety with quality packaging and easy setup. They are satisfied with the 4-channel system that provides complete coverage, high-quality video, and convenient Wi-Fi access for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Why choose this product?

If you are someone who is seeking advanced features like SONY STARVIS 2 Night Vision, 5G WiFi, GPS, and OTA upgrades, then this is what you must opt for.

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Best value for money 360 degree camera for car

Conbre Blackbox 2MP Wide Angel 360 Degree Camera

The Conbre Blackbox 2MP Wide Angle 360-degree camera offers exceptional value for money due to its advanced features and affordable price. At 5,499, it delivers 1296P Full HD video quality, ensuring clear and detailed recordings. The wide-angle lens covers a substantial field of view, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows easy access to live and recorded videos via a user-friendly app, making it convenient to use. The Conbre Blackbox also stands out with its reliable performance in various conditions, including extreme temperatures. These features make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking high-quality, comprehensive vehicle surveillance.

Best overall 360 degree camera for car

REDTIGER F5 WiFi Dash Cam Front 360 Degree

The REDTIGER F5 WiFi Dash Cam stands out as the best overall product due to its combination of high-quality video recording, advanced features, and ease of use. It offers 1080p Full HD video quality with an F2.0 large aperture, ensuring clear footage even in low-light conditions. The adjustable 360-degree rotation allows comprehensive coverage, minimizing blind spots. Its built-in Wi-Fi and compatibility with the RedTiger app provide seamless connectivity and control, allowing users to view real-time footage and adjust settings remotely. The dash cam's ease of installation and removal, along with its wide-angle lens, makes it a reliable and user-friendly choice for enhancing vehicle safety and security.

How to find the best 360-degree camera for your car

Finding the best 360-degree camera for your car involves considering several key factors:

  • First, assess the video resolution and quality; higher resolutions like 1080p or 4K provide clearer and more detailed recordings.
  • Look for features such as night vision, which ensures good visibility in low-light conditions. Connectivity options like Wi-Fi and app compatibility can enhance ease of use, allowing remote access to footage.
  • Consider the field of view; a wider angle ensures better coverage and fewer blind spots. Additionally, check for features like loop recording, G-sensors for automatic recording during incidents, and temperature resistance for reliable performance in various conditions.
  • Lastly, read customer reviews to gauge real-world performance and reliability. Balancing these factors will help you choose a camera that meets your needs for safety, convenience, and budget.

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What is the right resolution of the 360 degree camera for car

The most common resolutions available are 1080p (Full HD), 1440p (2K), and 2160p (4K). Each offers different benefits and drawbacks, impacting both the quality of the footage and the practical aspects like storage requirements and cost.

Starting with 1080p (Full HD), this resolution is generally sufficient for everyday driving needs. It provides clear video footage that can capture most driving incidents effectively. However, the lower resolution may struggle with capturing finer details such as license plates or small objects, particularly in low light conditions.

For those who need better detail and clarity, a 1440p (2K) or 1296p camera is a good middle-ground option. These cameras offer a noticeable improvement over 1080p, providing sharper images and better overall quality. While they require more storage space and are typically more expensive than 1080p cameras, they strike a good balance between quality and practicality for many users.

For the best possible detail and clarity, a 2160p (4K) camera is the top choice. These cameras deliver the highest level of detail, making them excellent for capturing intricate scenes and small details even in challenging conditions.

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What special features to look for in a 360 degree camera for car

When choosing a 360-degree camera for your car, several special features can significantly enhance its functionality

1. High Resolution

A higher resolution such as 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K) ensures clearer and more detailed footage. This is crucial for capturing finer details like license plates and small objects, which can be essential in the event of an accident or incident.

2. Night Vision

Night vision capabilities are vital for recording clear video in low light or nighttime conditions. Cameras with advanced night vision use infrared LEDs and superior sensors to enhance image clarity in the dark.

3. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR technology helps balance the exposure in varied lighting conditions, ensuring that both bright and dark areas are visible. This is particularly useful when driving in and out of tunnels or during dawn and dusk.

4. Loop Recording

Loop recording allows the camera to continuously record, overwriting the oldest footage when the memory card is full. This ensures you always have the most recent video available without needing to manually delete old files.

5. Parking Mode

Parking mode provides surveillance while your car is parked. Some advanced systems offer buffered motion detection, which records a few seconds before and after detecting movement or a collision, providing a complete account of incidents.

6. G-Sensor

A G-sensor automatically detects sudden impacts or collisions and locks the relevant footage to prevent it from being overwritten. This feature is crucial for preserving evidence in the event of an accident.

Some more features are Wi-Fi control, GPS integration, Compact design, High storage etc.

Which brand is best for 360 degree camera for car?

RedTiger is known for its quality for car cameras. It offers cameras with Full HD resolutions that ensure clear footage, even in low-light conditions, while the wide-angle lens minimizes blind spots. With adjustable 360-degree rotation and built-in WiFi connectivity, it offers both versatility and convenience. Installation is hassle-free, and its user-friendly RedTiger app allows for real-time monitoring and remote control.

Top features and price comparison table of the best 360 degree camera for car

Best 360 degree camera for carSpecial FeaturesMounting typeConnectivity type
REDTIGER F5 WiFi Dash CamAdjustable, 1080p Full HD, Wide-angle lensAdhesive mountWi-Fi
Qubo Car Dash Camera Pro XLoop Recording, Night Vision, Temp ResistantAdhesive mountWi-Fi, Infrared
Vantrue N4 Pro 3 Channel 4K WiFi Dash Cam4K HDR, IR LEDs, Night VisionMagnetic mountWi-Fi
Conbre Blackbox 2MP Wide Angel 360 DegreeCrystal Clear Image Quality, Wi-FiAdhesive mountWi-Fi
Philips GoSure 3001 360 Degree Car Dash CameraBuilt-In WiFi, 360 Degree, App ControlWindshield mountWi-Fi
Vantrue N5 4 Channel WiFi 360° All Sides Dash CamLoop Recording, Support 512GB Max, GPSMagnetic mountWi-Fi, GPS

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FAQs on best 360-degree camera for car

1. What is a 360-degree car dash camera?

A 360-degree car dash camera is a device that records video footage around the entire vehicle, providing a comprehensive view that helps minimize blind spots and enhance safety while driving.

2. How does night vision work in car dash cameras?

Night vision in car dash cameras typically uses infrared LEDs and advanced sensors to capture clear video footage in low-light or nighttime conditions, ensuring visibility even in complete darkness.

3. Why is Wi-Fi connectivity important in a dash camera?

Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to connect the dash camera to a smartphone app, enabling easy access to live and recorded footage, remote control of the camera settings, and seamless downloading of videos.

4. What is loop recording in dash cameras?

Loop recording is a feature where the dash camera continuously records video by overwriting the oldest footage when the memory card is full. This ensures that the camera always captures the most recent events without running out of storage.

5. Can I install a dash camera myself?

Yes, most dash cameras come with user-friendly installation kits and instructions, allowing for easy DIY setup. Typically, they can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard using adhesive mounts or suction cups.

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