ISRO adds another feather to its cap with POEM-3 success - Hindustan Times

ISRO adds another feather to its cap with POEM-3 success

By | Edited by Poulomi Ghosh
Jan 27, 2024 06:00 PM IST

The space agency is now preparing for a controlled re-entry into Earth's atmosphere within the next 75 days, ensuring the mission leaves no space debris behind.

The Indian Space Research Organisation has successfully achieved all its experiments to be performed on its orbital platform launched recently by PSLV-C58 mission. The space agency is now preparing for a controlled re-entry into Earth's atmosphere within the next 75 days, ensuring the mission leaves no space debris behind.

Representative Image:( (PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar))
Representative Image:( (PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar))

"ISRO’s innovative space platform, POEM-3, successfully achieves all payload objectives. With the likely re-entry of POEM-3 in the next 75 days, the PSLV-C58 XPoSat mission will be leaving zero debris in space," ISRO said in an X post on Saturday.

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After placing X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite into an orbit of 650km with 6-degree inclination, ISRO lowered the launch vehicle’s fourth spent stage. It was used as a platform for onboard experiments.

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Which experiments were performed on POEM-3?

1. Bellatrix Aerospace, based in Bengaluru, tested Rudra 0.3 HPGP, a green monopropellant thruster, and ARKA-200, a heater-less hollow cathode for Hall thrusters.

2. InspeCity Space Labs, located in Mumbai and incubated by IIT Bombay, tested the Green Impulse TrAnsmitter (GITA), a green bipropellant CubeSat propulsion unit.

3. TakeMe2Space from Hyderabad tested its Radiation Shielding Experimental Module (RSEM) designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Tantalum coating, enhancing CubeSat lifespan.

4. Thiruvananthapuram-based LBS Institute of Technology for Women contributed to the Women Engineered Satellite (WESAT), measuring solar irradiance and UV Index.

5. KJ Somaiya Institute of Technology in Mumbai featured BeliefSat-0, an amateur radio satellite, onboard POEM.

6. ISRO's Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) had two payloads, the Fuel Cell Power System (FCPS) and Silicon-based High Energy Cell, onboard POEM.

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7. The Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory has sent the Dust Experiment (DEX) on POEM, designed to measure interplanetary dust count.

The space agency confirmed the successful completion of all payload objectives. “After achieving all objectives, more experiments with POEM-3 are planned for generating data for future missions including upcoming POEM configurations,” it added.

Across POEM-1 to POEM-3 missions, ISRO has incorporated a total of 21 payloads from diverse institutes and industries.

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ISRO committed to leave no space debris

During the PSLV-C58 mission, the vehicle was intentionally lowered to a 350 km circular orbit to expedite orbit decay after the experiment's completion.

On the 25th day in orbit, POEM-3 accomplished 400 orbits, currently residing in an orbit measuring approximately 322 km by 352 km. It is anticipated that POEM-3 will remain in orbit for about 73 more days before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

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“With POEM we leave no debris and with a mission planned for tethered debris capture ISRO will solve the debris problem once and for all,” said Manish Purohit, a former ISRO scientist and founder of NIMBUS Education.

“Not only that, ISRO's ambitious future in-orbit services initiative is developing technologies for Satellite Refuelling, ISRO Satellite re-Servicer module (ISM), in Orbit rendezvous, capture, docking and maintenance,” he added.

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