Let’s discuss two of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India: ILife T10s Vs ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus - Hindustan Times

Let’s discuss two of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India: ILife T10s Vs ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus

Jun 17, 2024 05:51 PM IST

Want to switch to the next best thing in innovation? Pick from two of India's best robot vacuum cleaners to bring innovation to your cleaning.

Is cleaning your home becoming a hassle? Does your abode that was once your dream feel like a tiresome child that needs constant care? Then, a robot vacuum cleaner might be just what you need. These smart devices come with multiple built-in features that will help clean your home while you nap or head out to work.

Clean without supervision with these fabulous robot vacuum cleaners from the best vacuum brands in India(pexels)
Clean without supervision with these fabulous robot vacuum cleaners from the best vacuum brands in India(pexels)

Robot vacuum cleaners in India provide a convenient solution for maintaining clean homes. These devices automatically navigate and clean floors, removing dust and debris efficiently. Equipped with advanced sensors and programming, they handle different surfaces and avoid obstacles, saving time and effort, and making daily cleaning hassle-free and effective. And, if you are still a bit confused about robot vacuum cleaners then here is everything you need to know before we dive into what our top 2 picks from Amazon are.


What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner is an automated device designed to clean floors. It navigates around furniture and obstacles using sensors and programming, vacuuming dirt and debris. It operates independently, often programmable via smartphone apps, making floor cleaning convenient and efficient without the need for manual intervention.


Why is a robot vacuum cleaner different from other vacuum cleaners?

A robot vacuum cleaner differs from traditional vacuum cleaners by operating independently. It uses sensors and smart technology to navigate and clean without manual handling. Unlike manual vacuums that need to be held, operated, and moved around, they can be programmed or controlled remotely, offering convenience and efficiency by maintaining clean floors with minimal human effort.


Think of your robot vacuum cleaner as a mini bot that will do the cleaning for you. They have many benefits:

Convenience: Automatically cleans floors, saving time and effort.

Efficiency: Thoroughly removes dust and debris with advanced sensors.

Smart Control: Programmable via apps for scheduled cleaning.

Accessibility: Reaches under furniture and in tight spaces.

Low Maintenance: Minimal upkeep is required compared to traditional vacuums.


Now that we know the basics, let’s talk about the best robot vacuum cleaners in India and more:


ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Founded in 2010 and based in Bangalore, ILife aims to enhance daily living through advanced technology. They specialise in innovative robot vacuum cleaners and continually upgrade their technology and knowledge to improve their appliances, striving to bring cutting-edge solutions to every home.

The ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner offers a convenient and efficient way to keep your home spotless. This vacuum and mop combo is perfect for hard floors and low-pile carpets, providing customised cleaning schedules with its advanced Lidar navigation. With self-emptying capabilities for up to 60 days, it minimises maintenance effort. Ideal for busy households, this smart device can be controlled via a smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home. Available at a discount on Amazon currently at Rs.33,900 it makes an excellent gift for tech enthusiasts and those who appreciate clean living spaces.

Specifications of ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Colour: Black

Suction: 5000Pa

Navigation technology: Advanced LDS Navigation

Special features: Self-emptying, 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Long runtimeSlightly heavy
Customisable cleaningMay struggle with high-pile carpets

What are buyers saying on Amazon?
Buyers appreciate the ease of use, intuitive app, and efficient cleaning performance of the ILIFE T10s, noting its great value and quality.

Why choose this product?
Choose this product for its advanced navigation, strong suction, and the convenience of self-emptying, ensuring thorough and hassle-free cleaning.

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ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With over 20 years of innovation, ECOVACS has transformed into a global corporation, offering robots for home and industrial cleaning, air purification, security, and more. Available in over 60 countries, ECOVACS robots are designed to make life easier and smarter, allowing people to spend more time on what they love. The company invests heavily in R&D, with a team of nearly 800 engineers and over 800 patents, ensuring cutting-edge innovation and quality.

The ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers powerful suction and efficient cleaning for various floor types including tile, marble, wood, carpets, and more. Equipped with advanced dToF mapping technology, it ensures thorough cleaning and precise navigation. Ideal for busy households, this robot vacuum can be controlled via an app, making cleaning convenient and hassle-free. Available at great prices on Amazon, it makes a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking smart home solutions. Especially when available at Rs.42,900 it is the perfect time to purchase this cleaning wizard and bring it home.

Specifications of ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Colour: White

Suction: 4300Pa

Navigation technology: Advanced dToF Mapping Technology

Special features: Wet & Dry Simultaneous Cleaning, App Control

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful suctionHeavyweight so cannot be carried to different locations
Advanced mapping technologyThe app may require updates

What are buyers saying on Amazon?
Buyers appreciate the ease of use, efficient cleaning performance, and advanced mapping technology of the ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus. They find it a valuable addition to their homes for its quality and convenience.

Why choose this product?
Choose this product for its powerful suction, advanced mapping capabilities, and versatile cleaning options, making it perfect for maintaining clean floors effortlessly.

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A detailed comparison between the ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and ECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

FeatureILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum CleanerECOVACS Deebot N10 Plus 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Suction Power5000Pa4300Pa
Navigation TechnologyAdvanced LDS NavigationAdvanced dToF Mapping Technology
Cleaning ModesPath Pattern, Edge Mode, Spot ModeWet & Dry Simultaneous Cleaning, App Control
Floor TypesHard Floor, Low Pile CarpetTile, Marble, Wood, Carpets, Granite & more
Special FeaturesSelf-emptying, 2-in-1 Vacuum and MopWet & Dry Simultaneous Cleaning, Advanced Mapping Technology
Control MethodSmartphone App, Alexa, Google HomeApp Control
Battery LifeLong RuntimeCovers 4000+ Sq. Ft In One Charge
User ReviewsEasy to use, efficient cleaning, good app interfaceEasy installation, efficient cleaning, advanced navigation
WeightNot specified11.77 Kilograms
PriceAvailable at great deals on AmazonAvailable at great prices on Amazon

Editors notes:

A robot vacuum cleaner can come to your rescue no matter what you do and your lifestyle. From an overworked homemaker to an unavailable corporate employee, these robot vacuum cleaners will assist anyone in keeping their homes clean and tidy with the minimum physical effort needed.

From personal experience, I can say anything that you can program to clean your home once and have it follow your instructions to the dot every single day is a win over any human help you can get.

Why do I love robot vacuum cleaners?

1. They can be programmed and will listen to you without any deviation from the plan.

2. They will never call in sick or go missing so your home will always be clean.

3. Easy to clean and maintain and comes in self-charging and self-emptying options as well.

So if you are wondering still, which of these two should you pick then pick the ILife T10s for its value-for-money price point, long runtime and strong suction.

If budget is not a constraint at all then pick the ECOVACS N10 for its advanced mapping technology and constant upgradation in software and assistance.

If you feel like you now know so much that you want to explore beyond what we have discussed then here are some more top robot vacuum cleaners in India for you:

dreame D10s Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

MI Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2Pro

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