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Top 5 refrigerator brands in India to check out in October 2023

ByShreya Garg
Oct 04, 2023 06:52 PM IST

Top 5 refrigerator brands in India include Samsung, Haier, Panasonic, Whirlpool and LG. Want to know which ones are among the best? Read on.

Looking for top refrigerator brands in India? Well, the top 5 are actually quite a no-brainer. We all have long trusted these brands - Samsung,Haier, Whirlpool, LG and Panasonic - haven't we? Now refrigerators are one of the most useful home appliances without which kitchen operations may take a severe hit. Given that modern refrigerators come with so many advanced features and technologies, it makes sense to bring home a new one that can make the user experience more enriching. Modern refrigerators have revolutionised the way we store, preserve and access food, beverages and other perishable items. From keeping food fresh to offering organised storage for our leftovers, beverages, veggies - refrigerators are indeed the superhero home appliance of any household.

Now coming to top 5 refrigerator brands in India and what they are known for.
We all know how Samsung is a brand known for its innovation and quality. The models in the brand come with various features like smart technology, convertible options and energy efficiency. The refrigerators are also known for their stylish designs and advanced cooling technologies. Haier is another brand known for its competitive pricing, reliable performance and innovative features. Haier refrigerators often come with features like frost-free cooling and adjustable shelves. Whirlpool has a strong presence in the Indian market, thanks to their durable and energy-efficient refrigerators. The refrigerators also offer precise cooling, adaptive intelligence and excellent build quality. LG is a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. LG refrigerators are known for their advanced cooling technologies, including linear compressors and multiple cooling vents. They also offer a range of stylish designs and smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity. Panasonic, a Japanese brand, has been manufacturing refrigerators that cater to the Indian market's needs. They focus on energy efficiency and durability. Panasonic refrigerators often come with features like Econavi technology, which optimizes cooling based on usage patterns.
If you're looking for options under the aforementioned brands, then our buying guide below will definitely come in handy. Take a look.

1. Samsung 865L 4-Door Flex French Door BESPOKE Family HubTM Refrigerator RF87A9770SG (Black Caviar)

Top 5 refrigerator brands in India are known for their innovative technology.(Pexels)
Top 5 refrigerator brands in India are known for their innovative technology.(Pexels)

This refrigerator from Samsung, a top contender among the top 5 refrigerator brands in India, is a true marvel for any modern kitchen. With a capacious 865-liter interior, it offers ample space for all your groceries and more. The elegant Black Caviar finish adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor. The Samsung RF87A9770SG offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. With its advanced features, it keeps your food fresher for longer, offers smart connectivity, and boasts a 5-star energy rating, making it an excellent choice for families looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances.

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Specifications of Samsung RF87A9770SG

  • Capacity: 865 liters
  • Door Type: 4-Door Flex French Door
  • Family HubTM touchscreen for smart connectivity
  • Triple Cooling for precise temperature control
  • Metal Cooling to lock in freshness
  • Ice Master for easy ice access
  • External Water & Ice Dispenser
  • Wi-Fi and Bixby enabled for voice control
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star Rating

2. LG 635 L Frost-Free Inverter Wi-Fi InstaView Door In Door UVnano Side-By-Side Refrigerator Appliance with Water Dispenser (2023 Model, GL-X257AMCX, Matte Glass, Door Cooling+ with Hygiene Fresh)

The LG GL-X257AMCX is a cutting-edge side-by-side refrigerator, ranking high among the top 5 refrigerator brands in India. It combines innovative features with a sleek design. This refrigerator comes equipped with InstaView, allowing you to see inside without opening the door, thus reducing energy consumption. The matte glass finish exudes modernity and elegance. It is not only about convenience and style but also about sustainability with its 5-star energy rating. It's a perfect fit for those who seek a blend of cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and elegance in their kitchen appliances.

Specifications of LG GL-X257AMCX

  • Capacity: 635 liters
  • Door Type: Side-By-Side with InstaView
  • Inverter Linear Compressor for energy efficiency
  • UVnano technology for water dispenser purification
  • Door Cooling+ for even cooling
  • Wi-Fi and SmartThinQ for remote control
  • Hygiene Fresh+ for odor removal
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star Rating

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3. Haier 628 L Frost Free Expert Inverter Technology Triple Door Side By Side Refrigerator (2023 Model, HRT-683GOG-P, Grey Onyx Glass, Convertible, Vogue Series)

The Haier HRT-683GOG-P is a versatile and stylish refrigerator that belongs to the top 5 refrigerator brands in India. Its unique Grey Onyx Glass finish adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. This refrigerator features triple doors, ensuring that your food stays fresh and organized. It offers flexibility and style with its convertible storage and elegant design. It's a great choice for those who appreciate a modern aesthetic and the convenience of customizable storage options in a refrigerator.

Specifications of Haier HRT-683GOG-P

  • Capacity: 628 liters
  • Door Type: Triple Door Side By Side
  • Inverter Technology for energy efficiency
  • Convertible feature for customizable storage
  • Super Freeze and Super Cool functions
  • Twin Inverter Technology for silent operation
  • Frost-Free operation
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star Rating

4. Panasonic Econavi 551 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (NR-CY550GKXZ, Black Glass, Powered by Artificial Intelligence)

This Panasonic's refrigerator is a testament to the brand's reputation among the top 5 refrigerator brands in India. With its Black Glass finish, it adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. This refrigerator incorporates cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to adapt to your usage patterns and optimize energy consumption. This refrigerator is a perfect blend of style, intelligence, and efficiency. If you're looking for a refrigerator that adapts to your needs, conserves energy, and keeps your food fresh for longer, this is an excellent choice.


  • Capacity: 551 liters
  • Door Type: Multi-Door
  • 6-Stage Inverter for precise cooling
  • Econavi technology for energy efficiency
  • Fresh Safe with Hygiene Active for food preservation
  • Ag Clean technology for odor removal
  • LED Touch Control Panel
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star Rating

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5. Hitachi 451 L 5 Star With Automatic Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator (R-WB490PND9-(GBW), Brown)

Hitachi, a trusted name in the appliance industry, presents the R-WB490PND9-(GBW), a top-tier refrigerator among the top 5 refrigerator brands in India. This refrigerator combines functionality with aesthetics, featuring a Brown finish that complements any kitchen decor. It offers efficient cooling, versatile storage options, and an elegant design. For those who value reliability, efficiency, and a touch of sophistication in their refrigerator, this model is an excellent choice.

Specifications of Hitachi R-WB490PND9-(GBW)

  • Capacity: 451 liters
  • Door Type: Multi-Door
  • Automatic Inverter for efficient cooling
  • Selectable Mode Compartment for versatile storage
  • Tempered Glass Shelves for durability
  • Bright and Energy-Efficient LED lighting
  • External Water Dispenser
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star Rating

Three best features of each product

Product Name

Best Feature 1

Best Feature 2

Best Feature 3

Samsung RF87A9770SG (Black Caviar)865-liter capacity4-Door Flex French Door DesignFamily HubTM touchscreen for smart connectivity
LG GL-X257AMCX (Matte Glass)InstaView for energy efficiencyDoor Cooling+ for even coolingUVnano technology for water dispenser purification
Haier HRT-683GOG-P (Grey Onyx Glass)Convertible storageExpert Inverter Technology for efficiencyTriple Door design for organized storage
Panasonic NR-CY550GKXZ (Black Glass)Econavi technology for energy efficiency6-Stage Inverter for precise coolingPowered by Artificial Intelligence for adaptation
Hitachi R-WB490PND9-(GBW) (Brown)5-star energy efficiencySelectable Mode Compartment for storageAutomatic Inverter for efficient cooling

Pros and cons of each product

Product Name



Samsung RF87A9770SG (Black Caviar)- Ample 865-liter capacity, - Family HubTM touchscreen, - 4-Door Flex French Door design- High initial cost, - Requires significant space, - May be too large for smaller households
LG GL-X257AMCX (Matte Glass)- InstaView feature, - UVnano technology, - Door Cooling+- Higher price point, - Requires a dedicated water source, - Limited availability in some regions
Haier HRT-683GOG-P (Grey Onyx Glass)- Convertible storage, - Expert Inverter Technology, - Triple Door design- May be heavy and challenging to move, - Limited color options, - Some users may find it noisy
Panasonic NR-CY550GKXZ (Black Glass)- Econavi technology, - Powered by Artificial Intelligence, - 6-Stage Inverter- Pricier than some competitors, - May require professional installation, - Availability may vary by location
Hitachi R-WB490PND9-(GBW) (Brown)- 5-star energy efficiency rating, - Selectable Mode Compartment, - Automatic Inverter- Limited color options, - Brown color may not suit all kitchen aesthetics, - Relatively smaller capacity compared to others

Best value for money
The Haier HRT-683GOG-P stands out as the best value for money among these refrigerators. It offers convertible storage, expert inverter technology, and a triple-door design at a competitive price point. With these features, it provides excellent functionality without breaking the bank.

Best overall product
The LG GL-X257AMCX takes the title of the best overall product. It combines innovative features like InstaView, UVnano technology, and Door Cooling+ for energy efficiency and convenience, making it a top choice for those seeking a feature-rich refrigerator.

How to find the best refrigerator brands in India?
To choose the best refrigerator from these options, consider your specific needs. If you prioritize energy efficiency and modern features, the LG GL-X257AMCX is an excellent choice. For those looking for versatility and value for money, the Haier HRT-683GOG-P is a strong contender. Evaluate your storage needs, available space, and budget to make an informed decision.

FAQs on refrigerators

  • What is the price range for these refrigerators?

    Prices vary, but they generally range from mid to high-end, with Haier being more budget-friendly.

  • Do these refrigerators require professional installation?

    Some may require professional installation, so it's advisable to check with the manufacturer.

  • Are these refrigerators suitable for small kitchens?

    The size varies, so check the dimensions to ensure it fits in your kitchen.

  • Do any of these refrigerators have a water and ice dispenser?

    Yes, both the Samsung and LG models come with water and ice dispensers.

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