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Mysore pack: Inside a museum of gilded paintings

A businessman has spent nearly four decades collecting Mysore-style paintings. His 600 works are now housed in an old home converted into a museum.

A painting of Bala Mukunda or the child Krishna, from 1892. The rotund toddler was thought to symbolise health and wealth in the royal court of Mysore. (Courtesy Ramsingh Museum)
Updated on Jun 21, 2024 08:33 PM IST
BySukanya Datta

When poisoning is the antidote: How artist are fighting back against AI

New tools are allowing artists to alter their work at the pixel level, to confuse bots and misdirect algorithms. How long can this work? What’s next?

At University of Chicago, researchers have been testing the impact of poisoned datasets on AI-led image generators. Their findings state that even 50 poisoned images can alter the results generated by an AI model. Mix in about 300 poisoned images, they say, and Cubism may blend with anime, or a purse start to resemble a toaster.
Updated on Jun 21, 2024 07:06 PM IST
ByAnesha George

Ion man: Meet Ankur Gupta, the math whiz redefining how energy is stored

His research will make it possible to charge a phone in seconds. How did he break new ground, in a field so full of well-funded research?

‘I have always liked finding new ways to do something,’ Gupta says. (Photo by Sameer A Khan)
Updated on Jun 21, 2024 05:12 PM IST

It’s ’bout time: Rudraneil Sengupta writes on Puja Tomar’s UFC win

The 28-year-old has become the first Indian to win such a bout. It’s not her win, she said, through tears, but a statement ‘for all Indian fans and fighters’.

With great flurries of punch combinations and explosive kicks, Puja Tomar beat Rayanne Amanda dos Santos of Brazil at the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Louisville. (Getty Images)
Updated on Jun 15, 2024 05:29 PM IST
ByRudraneil Sengupta

Vroom in: Check out images captured by India’s bus, train and plane spotters

Rare routes, dramatic cityscapes, treks around a waterfall - one never knows where the search for the perfect public-transit image may lead. Take a look.

A drone shot of the Marudhar Express as it passes Sambhar Lake, en route to Varanasi from Jodhpur. The EMD (electro-motive diesel) class engine is one of train spotter Dhanush Chandan’s favourites, for its look and the sweet chugging sound it makes. (Dhanush Chandan)
Updated on Jun 14, 2024 04:00 PM IST
ByNatasha Rego
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