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As seas rise, the relocation of Caribbean islanders has begun

The government-managed movement of 300 families from the island of Gardi Sugdub is a test case for “planned retreat” in Latin Americ

Residents from the island of Gardi Sugdub rest inside their new homes in Nuevo Carti, on the mainland off Panama's Caribbean coast, Wednesday, June 5, 2024. About 300 families are moving to the mainland as government officials and scientists expect communities along Panama’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts to be forced to relocate by rising sea levels in the coming decades. (AP Photo/Matias Delacroix)(AP)
Published on Jun 11, 2024 08:00 AM IST
The Economist

Paleo-Indians changed Latin America; rock art in caves proves it

Ancient humans moved to America 25,000 years ago. They told stories of their lives and how they changed the environment in stunning cave art.

Rock art has been found all over South America in caves and on cliff faces. (DW/Guillermo Legaria/AFP)
Published on Apr 12, 2024 06:32 PM IST

Rift split wide open

2023 saw the intensification of old trends: explosion of old conflicts, multilateralism in crisis, growing gulf between the global north and south, along with an American polity under strain

Old conflicts that were thought to be resolved, managed or buried are back in a violent way, extracting a huge human toll. (AFP)
Updated on Dec 31, 2023 04:55 PM IST

Ex-US diplomat arrested in Miami for allegedly acting as a Cuban agent

Former US ambassador arrested in Miami by FBI on charges of acting as a covert agent for Cuba. The diplomatic career is under scrutiny.

Manuel Rocha, former high-ranking diplomat, faces charges of unlawful Cuban advocacy in the US(AFP via Getty Images)
Published on Dec 04, 2023 10:40 AM IST

Mexico tourist spike stalls after super peso boosts travel costs

The so-called super peso has made a trip to Latin America’s second-largest economy, Mexico, more expensive in dollars for international travellers

Mexico tourist spike stalls after super peso boosts travel costs (Pexels)
Published on Oct 11, 2023 11:25 AM IST
Bloomberg | | Posted by Zarafshan Shiraz
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