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4 Trending TikTok couple challenges of 2024: Ketchup theory and other viral videos that gained momentum

Feb 03, 2024 12:36 AM IST

As Valentine's Day 2024 crawls closer, here's a list of 4 recent TikTok couple challenges gone viral.

With Valentine's Day 2024 getting closer and closer, there are many TikTok couple challenges that have been doing rounds on the internet. While many of these viral videos have made way for adorable and wholesome interactions between partners, some have not. From some Ketchup Challenge videos ending in break-ups to other Orange Peel theory tests reeling out heartwarming results in some cases, the new year has been flooded with these trending Tiktoks.

Some Orange Peel Theory tests and Ketchup Challenges have churned out disastrous results. (YouTube)
Some Orange Peel Theory tests and Ketchup Challenges have churned out disastrous results. (YouTube)

Listed below are 4 of these challenges that have taken over social media and garnered millions of views within days.

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Trending TikTok couple challenges 2024

Ketchup Challenge

This one's a messy viral TikTok challenge that has got women squirting ketchup on the kitchen counter or a table. As a response to the unexpected outpour, they await their male partners to clean up the mess. The results were disastrously unprecedented.

While wiping off the table is as easy a task as it can get. Men have struggled to get clean results as TikTok videos have revealed them to keep going in circles. Many have often pulled out paper napkins to their rescue. However, the dirty display has somehow escalated into an even messier look with men spreading out the table condiment in every direction.

Comments reveal what kind of results women are looking forward to. If the man is able to wipe out the mess without making the scene even filthier, people regard him as the “right choice”. However, if things go wrong instead, user comments have often taken a lighthearted jab at the situation, demanding the women to drop their partners for not even knowing how to do something as easy as cleaning up a ketchup spill.

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Orange Peel Theory

Although this is yet another simple viral TikTok challenge for couples, it seeks to determine whether your love is real or not (all in good humor). As per the rules of this TikTok theory, if your partner peels off the fruit before handing it to you, then it becomes a symbol of their commitment to you. While many have scoffed at the idea of an orange defining a relationship's strength, others have found this rather facile task to signify the importance of the ‘little things’.

As many have often suggested, “actions speak louder than words”, this simple action is also seen as a revelation of your partner's attitude towards you. The small act of service goes a long way in expressing the true depths of someone's hearts.

However, in the process of asking for an orange as a means to test out if your partner hands out a peeled one to you or not, not holding onto big expectations also plays a big role. Kind reminder: the test will remain a wholesome marker of loving expressions as long as you let it be.

Moon Phase Soulmates trend

Joining the previous addition as one of the several newly introduced TikTok couple theories, the Moon Phase Soulmates trend is yet another popular trend. It is sought after by many TikTok users to determine compatibility with a special someone.

It takes into account the astrological notion that the moon's phase at the time of one's birth impacts their personality. Thus, also influencing one's compatibility with others. In order to be labelled as ‘moon phase soulmates’, the respective individuals' moon phases would have to be compatible.

So, how does the TikTok trend work? People are relying on online apps to find out what happens when their natal moon phase line up with that of their partner or crush. The majority are working under the assumption that the resulting combination should create a full moon. On the contrary, others are under the impression that both moon phases should be identical.

As a result, multiple interpretations for the same have come up, promising no firm solution. (And once again, remember to take these trends into consideration with a grain of salt, minus any rigid expectations.)

Name a Woman Challenge

This trend has got women asking their male partners to name a woman out of the blue. The challenge's name is self-explanatory but what comes next as a response is all a concoction of hilarious comedy. As can be foreseen, there's no right or wrong answer to this question. However, the nature of the challenge spells out the one answer women are looking for - their own name.

Popular discussions claim that the only correct way to answer this is for a man to let out their significant other's name. Thus, signifying that they are the ‘first woman’ to pop up in their mind. Nevertheless, being asked this out of nowhere has often led men to speak out random names, pushing their partners to jump into interrogation mode.

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