Adventure videos of Golden Retriever named Oscar show why he is a ‘Wonderpup’

Published on Aug 05, 2022 07:53 PM IST
The videos showing the adventures of a Golden Retriever named Oscar was posted on Instagram.
The image shows a Golden Retriever named Oscar with his pet dad.(Instagram/@oscar_wonderpup)
The image shows a Golden Retriever named Oscar with his pet dad.(Instagram/@oscar_wonderpup)
ByTrisha Sengupta

Oscar is goofy. Oscar is cute. And, Oscar’s videos often leave people smiling. Wondering who is he? He is a Golden Retriever who can steal your heart at first sight. The adorable pooch even has his own Instagram page called Oscar Wonderpup where his pet dad shares various videos that never fail to make people say aww – and make them chuckle.

Born on March 30 2020, the cute doggo is the fur baby of a social media strategist named Sushil Kumar. Hailing from Bengaluru, the duo has won people’s hearts with their various adventures inside and outside their house.

Oscar is as innocent and as entertaining as any other fur baby. Kumar while talking to Hindustan Times shared, how just like the other doggos, he also loves stealing food. “When he was about four months old, I used to stay in a 2 bhk flat with a friend. And the friend just ordered 3 aloo parathas and kept them in his room on the bed. We were all busy with something, and suddenly Oscar went into his room and ate all 3 parathas and then like a good boi came back to me,” Kumar said while sharing one such incident.

Here is a video showing Oscar helping out his pet dad, just not in the way you would imagine.

This adorable video shows the pooch getting super jealous of a stuffed unicorn toy because Kumar started petting it. There is a chance that the video will leave you giggling.

The Golden Retriever also took a train trip. Here’s a post showing how it went:

These were some of the recent videos that received tons of love from people. However, the clip that put the pooch in the spotlight for the first time was Kumar giving a much deserved massage to Oscar. Shared back in 2021, the video gathered millions of views. Take a look:

Oscar’s journey is, however, not all roses and in 2020 he met with an accident that left him with a broken leg. With proper treatment, love from his pet dad, and his determination, Oscar is now doing absolutely fine.

In our talks with Kumar, he expressed his love for Oscar multiple times. He also said that he wished he could say to Oscar that the pooch is his entire life. “I would tell him that he's my entire world, and if it's possible for him, then please stay with me forever because I never want to lose my world,” he added.

We also asked him what he thinks the cute pooch would have said to him if he could talk. “If he could talk, that would be the best thing one can ever imagine to have with their pets. I hope he tells me if I am keeping him happy, or is there anything which he doesn’t like in me that I can change for him to give him the best life,” said Kumar.

What are your thoughts on the hilariously adorable videos of Oscar who surely is a wonderpup? Did the videos leave you with a smile too?

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