HR cuts the pay of employee after he got stuck in company's elevator

ByVrinda Jain
Sep 25, 2023 06:00 PM IST

After the post was shared, many people expressed were not happy with the way in which the HR reacted to the employee.

A Redditor shared that after he got stuck in an elevator while heading to his office, his company marked him absent and said that they would be deducting his salary. Since the Redditor shared about this incident, it has gone viral on social media and has made several people angry.

A man on Reddit shared how they got stuck in a lift and their company marked them absent for it. (Reddit/@India)
A man on Reddit shared how they got stuck in a lift and their company marked them absent for it. (Reddit/@India)

The post explains how the elevator in the Redditor’s office building has been malfunctioning. And while he was on his way to work, he got stuck in it for three hours. (Also Read: 'I took revenge on my employees for abusing my generosity,' shares Redditor. Here's why)

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“So yesterday, I was in the elevator, and it stopped working out of the blue, and electricity also went off. I was not able to contact the maintenance department or my office. I tried to reach them on call, and after several attempts, I was able to inform HR about my situation, and they sent a maintenance guy. After three hours, they got me out of the elevator,” wrote the Redditor.

He further shared, “When I was punching my in time the HR said you were late, so you will be marked as absent, and your salary will also be deducted, I told them if you are marking me absent, I will take leave and go home, but my AM told me you have to work as they were short on staff. So I told them it's not my fault, if you allow me to punch in and correct the in time I will work or otherwise I am taking day off and, they started to threaten me about appraisal and my work ethic how I was making excuses and do not put efforts and lacks motivation.” (Also Read: 'Stealing electricity': Boss yells at employee for charging phone at work)

In the end, he informed that he recorded the incident from the elevator camera and documented his experience with the HR.

Take a look at the post shared by the Redditor here:

This post was shared just one day ago. Since being posted, it has received close to 500 upvotes. The share also has several comments.

Here's what people are saying about this post:

An individual wrote, "If the company rules specify that you have to be marked as on leave - they cannot compel you to work while on leave. If they do - then they will need to compensate you with another day off. If you like the place you work - then try and get them to close this amicably. Reach out to a senior manager to put in a word." (Also Read: Boss asks an employee to work less, Reddit reacts)

A second commented, "There is no way I will work if I am marked absent. In fact, your company should give you compensation for such an inconvenience. Switch your company."

A third shared, "Seems like a toxic workplace. Find a new job if possible. Remember corporate is not your friend."

"God, this country and its working culture. People are treated like absolute garbage," said another.

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