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'I took revenge on my employees for abusing my generosity,' shares Redditor. Here's why

ByVrinda Jain
Aug 23, 2023 02:21 PM IST

Ever since the boss shared about the revenge story, several people have criticised him. Some also shared that the boss could have done something else about it.

A boss took to Reddit to detail the decision to take revenge on employees for ‘abusing generosity’. Since the post was shared, it has garnered significant attention, with many criticising the boss.

A Redditor shared how and why they had to take revenge on their employees. (Unsplash.)
A Redditor shared how and why they had to take revenge on their employees. (Unsplash.)

Reddit user ‘tKLogicTA’, who is also the boss of a company, used to bring coffee, snacks, and chips for employees, but lately, the snacks have been getting over before the month ended. When the Redditor asked the employees to be mindful of picking up the snacks, there was no change in their behaviour. So, ‘tKLogicTA’ decided to implement some changes in the company. (Also Read: Boss calls woman 'unprofessional' after she fainted at work)

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The boss decided that there would be no free chips, no free water bottles, no cable, and cheaper coffee, and also removed personal tools from the mechanic's workshops.

"I believe every mechanic should have their own tools and was lenient with them, basically always using MY tools and even having to occasionally replace them even if I wasn’t the one who lost it. Everyone was pretty stunned, and one of the mechanics even had to drag his toolbox from home to be able to work properly again in the shop," wrote ‘tKLogicTA’.

The user further added, "I believe everyone here is getting paid fairly based on where we are in the midwest. Most of these individuals I have known for years, and the turnover is pretty low. Most of it is apprentices graduating or senior mechanics wanting more money, but there really isn’t any unless you want to go management in another shop."

Take a look at the post shared by the Redditor here:

This post was shared just a few hours ago. Since being posted, it has been liked close to 2,000 times. The share has also received a flurry of comments.

Here's what people had to say about this revenge story:

An individual wrote, "There’s probably one guy taking a bunch home that ruined it for everybody."

A second commented, "There will always be someone that feels entitled to more than their fair share." A third shared, "One of the most effective ways to kill morale is to punish everyone for the issues of one."

"On the flip side, there are a bunch of people who have worked for you for years who are blameless for all of this, who you have decided to punish. Don't see why you would throw away all that goodwill," said a fourth. (Also Read: 'Stealing electricity': Boss yells at employee for charging phone at work)

Another said, "I don’t really get it. If OP wants to generously provide his workers with chips for the month, why does it matter to him if those peeps prefer to go heavy and eat them all in 3 weeks instead of 4? It’s not as if they came to him whining after 3 weeks that he needed to buy more. That would have left a bad taste for sure. But eating them faster than he expects?"

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