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Masoom Minawala reveals ‘near-death’ experience she had on speedboat in Bali. Watch

Jun 14, 2024 10:34 AM IST

“I thought the ocean was going to take us away”: Masoom Minawala, recollecting her scary experience during a speedboat trip in Bali.

Influencer Masoom Minawala took to Instagram to share a “near-death” experience she had while on a speedboat in Bali last year. She added that her scary encounter with an “extremely rough” ocean, in which she hurt her nose, took place during a trip last year. While recollecting her ordeal in her post, she also shared a video of her recent journey on a boat - which she decided to take despite being “petrified” from her previous experience.

Masoom Minawala shared how the ocean got “extremely rough” during a speedboat trip in Bali with her friends. (Instagram/@masoomminawala)
Masoom Minawala shared how the ocean got “extremely rough” during a speedboat trip in Bali with her friends. (Instagram/@masoomminawala)

“Take this as a sign to not let a bad experience become a part of your personality,” Masoom Minawala wrote in her post’s caption while sharing a video about her scary experience. She further recollected the incident in detail in a comment on her own post.

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“Ok, here’s what happened. We were in Ubud and wanted to take a day trip to one of the islands an hour and a half away. We booked a private speedboat with some of our friends - we were about 6 people in total. It was all good the first 45 mins until the ocean began to get extremely rough. The waves got so humongous, the boat was practically flying in the air and frankly so were we,” she added.

In the following lines, she said that at one point, she thought the ocean would take them away. She also shared about the injuries that she and her friends sustained during the trip.

“I have goosebumps even typing this because no words will do justice to the fear,” she added in the concluding lines of her post.

Take a look at the video here:

Since being shared a day ago, the video has collected more than eight lakh views - and the numbers are only increasing. The share has further accumulated close to 23,000 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the video.

What did Instagram users say about this viral video?

“Something like that happened to me on my baby moon. I fell off between the boat and the landing pier, while 5 months pregnant! We weren’t ok until the ultrasound in two days told us so. The incident shook me deeply and I too am scared of boats after that,” wrote an individual.

“Gal last year we booked a speed boat with parasailing, the moment I saw the dark blue ocean I literally died. I love the ocean, but that water,’ added another.

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“This is so true. We shouldn’t let any bad experience be a part of our personality,” agreed a third.

According to her official website, Masoom Minawala is a content creator and the former CEO of an e-commerce start-up. She appeared on Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list, GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians list, HSBC's list of leading female entrepreneurs worldwide, and CNN's 20 under 40 list.

What are your thoughts on this post by Masoom Minawala about her “near-death” experience?

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