Pakistani career mentor slammed for saying working women 'always have family emergencies'

ByVrinda Jain
Aug 16, 2023 01:51 PM IST

A career mentor's post on women's work ethics sparked a debate, drawing contrasting views on women in the workforce. Many slammed the mentor in the comments.

Sofia Reza, a career mentor and talent developer from Pakistan, was slammed and schooled after sharing a post questioning the work ethics of female employees. In the post, shared on LinkedIn, she stated that working women use 'family emergency' as an excuse. (Also Read: Employee texts boss after a few drinks, WhatsApp messages go viral)

A woman from Pakistan angered people on the Internet for questioning work ethics of women. (Unsplash)
A woman from Pakistan angered people on the Internet for questioning work ethics of women. (Unsplash)

Reza wrote, "If we are to believe female candidates, it seems half the families across Pakistan are always having a 'family emergency.' Even senior experienced female professionals have this same problem and use the same excuse. It's an epidemic that even WHO hasn't figured out yet. Let's not deny this simply if we're female too. Let's own up and try to improve ourselves as professionals and develop a better commitment level."

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Take a look at the post shared by Sofia Reza here:

This post was shared five days ago. Since being posted, it has received several likes and comments. Many people in the comments section slammed her.

Check out what people are saying about this post here:

An individual wrote, "It's exceptionally difficult for women in Pakistan to pursue a career, given how patriarchy has such a strong hold on our lives. Rather than telling the employer that suddenly the men in their families are no longer supportive of their careers/opportunity to step out of the house, it's easier to say it's a family emergency to save themselves from the embarrassment. As an HR professional, you should be aware of these limitations, especially considering you're a Pakistani woman. Women are working so much harder than men to break into the industry, and this post is such a disservice to women out there who're really struggling to survive and pursue financial independence." (Also Read: Redditor got fired from job without any ‘explanation or warning,’ shares plight)

A second commented, "Instead of blaming the female candidates for not committing, we should be educating companies to create a more flexible environment for women. Women don’t just use family emergencies as an excuse, it’s actually a family emergency that only they are expected to handle in most cases. Women are far more capable of multitasking, and I can confidently say 90% of working women in Pakistan are also taking 100% responsibility for household matters and their children. Let’s all be inclusive and understanding and create environments at the workplace to be safe and welcoming."

A third shared, "Can you please share the source of these statistics you have shared? What was the sample size? Who conducted this research? How many organizations are included in this study? Our responsibility as professionals also includes sharing credible research. I’m not even addressing the social constraints and barriers at this point that women face in society like transport, permissions etc."

"Sofia, perhaps some research would do you good instead of blanket statements such as these. There are systematic issues at play in Pakistan that hold back and outright don't play in the favour of women. Maybe your mentorship and experience in HR missed out on educating you in the use of online interviews that sets an equal playing ground for candidates of all genders," expressed a fourth.

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