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‘Rat’ dumplings, anyone? Chinese girl surprises mother, sparks viral trend. Watch

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Jun 21, 2024 06:00 AM IST

The home-alone girl in China came up with a quirky idea when her mother asked her to wrap dumplings.

A young girl in China kicked off a viral trend in the country with her creative life-sized rat-shaped

The Chinese girl made rat-shaped dumplings while she was alone at home. (Instagram/chinesewithmia)
The Chinese girl made rat-shaped dumplings while she was alone at home. (Instagram/chinesewithmia)

dumplings. It all started when she was left alone at home while her mother ran some errands. The mother had instructed the girl to wrap dough for dumplings while she was away. On returning home, the mother was not prepared for what she was about to witness.

Her daughter welcomed her with dumplings ready to be steamed; but the catch, they were shaped exactly like rats.

In Instagram and YouTube videos posted by a channel called "Chinese with Mia", the narrator explains the impact of the Chinese girl's quirky idea.

The girl had even made a tiny 'baby rat' dumpling perched on top of a grown-up 'rat'.

In the viral video, the girl is seen picking up the 'rodent' by its tail and swallowing it whole, body first.

This is not the only incident in which the girl used her creativity with food. When asked to peel eggplants for dinner, the young girl scooped out the inside and used the skin as a shoe for her tiny feet.

“No one going to talk about the way she made the smaller rat sit on top of the bigger one. She’s so creative. I hope she only grows to be even more talented” a Youtube user commented on the video which was posted in April.

Clearly the dumpling video blew up on the internet in China. With over 1.6 million views on Instagram, over 61,000 'likes' and over 600 comments.

Click here to watch the viral video.

The video also shows other people adopting this unique ‘rat’ shaped dumpling and trying it themselves. A woman made them for her boyfriend after they had a fight.

Another prepared the dumplings for her husband’s friend who visits their home uninvited and eats up all their food.

“It is safe to say he won't be back anytime soon," the narrator of the video says jokingly.

(Brain teaser: Can you guess what this dumpling-like object is? Hint: It’s from out of this world)

“While it's cute and very creative, I prefer the usual shape ones for myself. But the idea of serving rat dumplings to people who annoy you is awesome," said another user, Moniq Jen.

Another user said, “That girl is going to bring so much creativity into the world. She’s coming up with unique ideas… I hope she continues like this into adulthood.”

Another person commented, “I like the reason why it's going viral. Like it's a subtle passive aggressive move, you don't even have to say anything”

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