Redditor ends job interview mid-way. It sparked a discussion online

ByVrinda Jain
Sep 27, 2023 09:33 PM IST

Since the post was shared, many people have shared varied comments on it. What are your thoughts on it?

After a Redditor faced a "rude" interviewer who kept on "interrupting," 'thepokebowlismine' simply decided to walk out of the interview. The Reddit user has now shared experience on the story-sharing platform and asked netizens if it was wrong to do so.

A Redditor shared why they ended the interview. (Shutterstock)
A Redditor shared why they ended the interview. (Shutterstock)

'thepokebowlismine' had an interview for a social media/video editing job. "The interview was online. We said hello and asked each other how our mornings were. Then he started talking about how my resume looks good, but then the first question he asked me was, 'So let me ask you first of all. Are you just scrolling on LinkedIn and hitting the apply button? Or like what do you like about our company?'" wrote the Redditor in the post. (Also Read: HR cuts the pay of employee after he got stuck in company's elevator)

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'thepokebowlismine' further stated, "Seems like the very random first question to ask, but okay. I proceeded to answer his question, but he interrupted me, 'Okay, Jaline. Stop. Let's try this, I think you're being stiff right now.' Then 'I've seen your YouTube channel, and you seem like you have a great personality, but you're not showing that right now. Let's try this again, tell me about yourself."

Right after this, 'thepokebowlismine' decided to end the interview.

Take a look at the full post shared by the Redditor here:

This post was shared on September 26. Since being shared, it has received close to 800 upvotes and several comments.

Check out what people are saying about this post here:

An individual wrote, "It's truly amazing how many people in HR/hiring are so bad with people as well as bad at judging character and competency."

A second commented, "Good move on your part. The guy probably doesn't value your time anyway and doesn't really think before he speaks. Not a very good way to hold any professionally-oriented meeting." (Also Read: Job applicant receives Amazon gift card with rejection letter, Reddit reacts)

"Just a part-time cleaning place for a job I didn't even need and the prick owner kept calling me unprofessional and quizzing me with stupid scenarios. I just looked at him and said 'I'm going to cut this short because there is no way I'd ever consider working here,'" posted a third. A fourth said, "Good for you. It was likely to see how you respond to negative feedback. However, it is a glimpse into how this company operates. Guaranteed if you completed the interview, got the job, you would be looking or quitting very soon."

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