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Salman Khan wrong in ignoring Armaan's misdeeds: Kushal Tandon | BySweta Kaushal, New Delhi
Nov 05, 2013 11:25 AM IST

Recently evicted from Bigg Boss 7, Kushal Tandon insists Salman Khan's actions don't bother him as much as his inaction against Armaan Kohli. In a chat with, he talks about his plans of a possible return.

Bigg Boss 7, the most talked of show on Indian television today, has kicked off quite a storm.

At the heart of it is a guy called Kushal Tandon. In a candid chat with, he opens up on Salman Khan and his bete noire Armaan Kohli.

Salman Khan blasted you over the Tanisha incident. He even justified her actions. What's your take on it?
I'm an emotional person, just as Salman Khan is and I can relate to him. I understand his stand for Tanisha. Had I known Tanisha since her childhood and worked with her sister for years, I am sure I would have done the same. Mai bhi thoda biased type hun apne logo ke liye (I, too, am biased towards my own.).

Having said so, I don't agree with his silence on . The guy has been using abusive language for women in the house but all seem to ignore it.

Armaan Kohli used abusive language against Kamya while all I did was compare Tanisha to her famous sister!

Why do you think Armaan's actions were ignored?
I don't know, yaar. But I guess, producers want Armaan in the house as they need a villain. May be he serves the purpose.

So, Tanisha and you both were aggressive at some point. But the producers chose to have you thrown out. Did you discuss this issue with them?
I did discuss it with them but they told me that my aggression was visibly harsher. I could have done anything to Andy! Also, Tanisha's act can't be taken too seriously as she's a girl. That's their call. Mai ye nai kehta ki Tanisha ka push itta hard tha ki mujhe lag gai aur mai mar jata... but agar violence ki baat karte ho, toh maine agression mein bus Andy ka gala pakda tha! (I do not say that Tanisha's push injured me but if you are discussing violence, all I did was grab Andy's neck!)

However I feel vindicated as I have a swell of public support now. When I came out, the whole nation was standing for me. I have received so much love. What more would I want?

Are you hot-headed?
If taking a stand for someone is being hot-headed, then I don't mind being called that. In my 7-week-long stint in the house, I have never abused or used foul language against any woman. In fact I have stood up not just for Gauhar but Elli and Asif as well when they were at the recieving end of Kohli's abusive words and bullying tactics. Why, I even supported Andy when Armaan was abusing him.

If someone abuses a woman in such disrespectful manner, (uske bust size discuss karna), I will get angry, yaar... I am a guy; young blood, itta toh haq banta hi hai, gussa toh aaega hi...

Are you getting back to the Big Boss house anytime soon?
The show makers did ask me to get back. However, I won't go back simply becuase the producers want me to. If the nation wants me and calls me back, I will return. It would mean that I was right all along. And I will go back as a winner.

When I came out (Big Boss house), aisa lagaa koi riots viots ho gae hain. Kisi superstar se aur ek channel se puri duniya bhid gai hai. Everyone is asking me to go back to the show. Getting such a response is in itself a winning moment for me.

So what exactly will get you back inside Bigg Boss house?
The producers are planning an online poll; the results will decide my entry. I have also heard that people have started an online petition on urging my return to the show. You know, for me winning Bigg Boss is not as important, being myself is.

Reports suggest that your ex-girlfriend Elena will accompany you on your return.
I want to tell the producers it is the Bigg Boss house not Kushal Tandon's house. I dated Candy Brar some 10 years back. Now, they are talking about Elena Boeva. Stop calling all my exes into the house.

leaves the show with you and then returns without you? You comments.
Gauhar's act was a nice gesture. But she didn't do it for me. She did it because she wants to take stand for what she thinks is right. She is legally obliged to pay Rs 50 lakh if she quits the show. It's in the contract.

As for going back to Bigg Boss, I convinced her. and show the world that she is right.

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