By Neha Yadav
Published Nov 08, 2023

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: Pexels

5 health benefits of using air purifier

Increasing air pollution and the deteriorating air quality can cause several health problems. It is essential to make sure that the air you inhale is free of toxic pollutants. 

An air purifier is an appliance that can help eliminate pollutants and provide breathable oxygen indoors. Here are 5 benefits of bringing an air purifier to your home. 

Reduces indoor pollution

An air purifier is highly effective in removing indoor pollutants. It prevents breathing problems such as cold, cough, sneezing and other illnesses like asthma.

Eliminates bad odour

This appliance is excellent for getting rid of bad odour. It absorbs and filters out bad smell from the environment and provides pleasant and breathable air. 

Reduces dust build-up

Air purifiers absorb dust particles from the air and reduce dust build-up indoors. They help prevent dust allergy and other respiratory problems. 

Promotes sleep

It filters out toxic compounds from the air and provides fresh oxygen that promotes sleep. It also prevents problems like shortness of breath and wheezing while sleeping. 

Reduces transfer of airborne diseases

Air purifiers absorb toxic pollutants and allergens that might become carriers of harmful airborne bacteria and viruses.